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contrado creative swede's art print

Contrado Wants You Ever wondered where to sell art? Especially online. Promoting your brand has always been a struggle for the creatives among us, but it doesn’t have to be. Contrado was launched with the aim of creating a curated e-commerce space for artists and designers to sell their art online in an exciting and easy […]

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sewing machine and tools

Are you just starting to learn to sew? Have you just taken up sewing and are looking for some tips to get started, and, most importantly, how to avoid those common sewing mistakes? We’re sewing mad at Contrado. After all, we make everything by hand (and sewing machine), right here at our studio, and, over the years, […]

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sewing machine fabric

If you’re only just embarking upon your sewing journey or you’re a well-seasoned stitcher, chances are your machine has more to offer than you think. Sewing machines can have anywhere from 8 to 100+ types of stitch settings alongside other tips and tricks, and the more elaborate your machine is, the more it will have. […]

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vintage leather bag

What is leather? It is safe to assume that everyone knows what leather is: most of us have at least one item of clothing or accessory that is made of leather (or faux leather – vegans we think you’re great). Derived from the hide of animals, leather is one of the oldest materials known to man and […]

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bamboo in the sun

When it comes to custom printed fabric, there is a huge selection available. From man made textiles to natural fibres, from organic crops to manufactured yarns; the choice can be overwhelming. Some fabrics have their advantages over others, but is it always as simple as that? Here, we are looking at bamboo jersey; a fabric, […]

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crochet hook

What is Crochet? Most of us would have encountered crochet in some form or the other, whether as apparel or as accessories. The fine loop-like construction and the vibrant colours of the threads is an interesting way to break the monotony of items used for everyday fashion and living. It isn’t the name of the […]

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The idea of environmentally friendly fabrics probably conjures up imagery of natural fabrics. They are made with natural fibres sprouting in a huge field or being spun by a content bunch of silkworms. It is true that natural fabrics feel great against the skin and only use the world’s natural resources to grow. However, there […]

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valentino taffeta dress

What is Taffeta? We are constantly bombarded by images of celebrities at weddings; on the red carpet and at awards shows, looking resplendent in their flowing gowns and dresses. Many times, the fabric used for these luxurious creations is taffeta, a crisp, stiff fabric with a slight sheen to it. While the name might not […]

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Playing dress up is a childhood pastime that is still just as fun now as it was then. But costume making has evolved since the days of fashioning capes out of bin bags and applying blotchy face paint. The Cosplay that we know today is a giant subculture and community where TV/film/gaming/comic book fans take fancy dress to the next level, and then […]

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Velvet: once the material embodiment of luxury, now relatively commonplace. How did society’s perception of velvet change so dramatically… and what makes velvet expensive or cheap? What is velvet made of? Are there different types of velvet? Read on… and you’ll find out. How is Velvet Made? The Weaving Process Velvet refers to a type […]