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We all know that fashion trends come and go every year. Fashion Weeks around the world feature the latest innovations in clothing design. But did you know that new fabrics and their trends are also advancing?  There is so much more to fabric than you may think. Gone are the days of simply man-made and […]

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One of the best-known textile artists of the 20th century, Anni Albers played a key role in the development of contemporary textile art. Born Annelise Fleischmann, Anni Albers was of Jewish descent and lived in Berlin. Despite art students’ incredibly poor living conditions, Anni decided to attend Bauhaus to follow her intrigue of art and […]

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As print-on-demand experts since 2002, we know a thing or two about selling custom products. We’ve watched firsthand as things evolved from ordering wholesale, to selling in online marketplaces, and finally, the ability to drop-ship custom products through your website – no physical stock required. This change marked a significant shift in world of eCommerce, […]

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T-shirts are one of the most popular items to sell. Inexpensive and easily customisable, t-shirts are the ideal way to begin creating your brand and building a following. However, it’s not as simple as just choosing a design and starting the production process – you must pay attention to the specific printing method you wish […]

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Since its inception, dropshipping has made it easy for entrepreneurs to open businesses worldwide. If you can write a product description and have basic design skills, you can set up a fantastic website and start selling. The only issue is, once you have a store, how do you get the word out? How do you […]

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Finding the perfect fabric is already challenging enough as it is, but when you bring the question of fabric weight and suitability things seem to get trickier. But we are here to help! In this blog, we will explain what gsm is and why it is important when selecting the perfect fabric. We will also […]

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Running a small business is a tiring yet rewarding job. The most rewarding part is watching more people flocking to your page, your customer base growing, and more and more people returning to purchase from you again… there is no better feeling. One way you can elevate your business and brand as a whole is […]

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When you hear people talking about all things fabric you will hear the words “woven” and “knitted” thrown around quite often. This may have you wondering what is woven fabric? And what is the difference between knit fabric? Well, we are here to explain to you not only what they are, but how they both […]

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You may have heard that you can integrate your Contrado store with your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Well, the rumours are true! If you’ve read our blog post about how a Facebook Business Page can expand your brand, then you’ll know all about what having a Facebook Business account can do for you. Here we’ll […]