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get featured on contrado

Here at Contrado, we’re all about putting YOU, our artists, at the forefront of our website. It’s now easier than ever to get discovered as an artist on Contrado. In addition, our clever algorithm makes sure that no one is left in the back. However, there are certain criteria to be brought to the very […]

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how to sell your aboriginal artwork

At over 40,000 years old, Aboriginal art is one of the world’s oldest art forms. And it’s still incredibly popular, not only in Australia, but also all around the world. In December 2019, 29 pieces of contemporary Aboriginal art sold at a Sotheby’s auction in New York for a total of $2.8 million. But what […]

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how to write an artist bio

Part of being an artist – or a creative in any field – is self-promotion. And if you are looking to make being an artist your full-time career, self-promotion is incredibly important. While your art will obviously speak for itself when seen, there’s a few other things that you will need to help you draw […]

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brand tag

Building a high-quality brand identity is just as important as providing your customer high-quality products. Think about your preferred brands and what makes them your favourite? You’ll often find it’s not always just the product itself, but the whole experience of buying something from them. Presenting your brand to your customers is much more than […]

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original fabric patterns

We’ve all had the same dreaded experience at the store: finding the perfect style of trousers in the completely wrong colour. Who’s designed these in neon yellow, and why? It might make you wish you had the ability to design your own fabric pattern. But how? Well, the good news is that you don’t need […]

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sell pattern designs online

Patterns have become all the rage recently. Gone are the days where classic patterns were reserved for curtains and carpets; now that ‘retro’ is one of the newest trends, what a time to be alive for those pattern designers out there. But how do you get set up to sell pattern designs online? Jump on […]

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facebook for artists

As an artist, you may think that Instagram is the only social media platform worth your time. It’s aesthetically focused, fosters niche communities and offers users a lot of creative inspiration. In a nutshell, it’s an artist’s haven. But if you follow these tips for artists, Facebook can also be an effective marketing tool to promote your […]

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turn followers into customers

It’s the millennial dream; turning your creative passion into a viable career path. Tons of artists and designers are striving for this, and although it can be difficult to keep the momentum, there are ways to keep those sales coming in through your content and marketing. We’ve gathered our top 6 ways to turn your […]

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how to photograph your products

The first thing a customer sees when purchasing products online are the photos – they need to be captivating, clear, informative and simple. As an artist or designer, it’s important to know how to photograph your products to capture all facets of them and help customers make confident purchases. You want to compel visitors to […]

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set up a designer pop up store

As an emerging artist or designer, one of the best ways to get some sure-fire exposure for your work is by holding a designer pop up store. Whether you’re selling printed clothing, accessories, art prints or originals, showcasing yourself as a brand and presenting your talent is an effective way to market yourself and your […]