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history of trench coat

From one of the most iconic pieces of military uniform, to one of the most iconic pieces in fashion; the trench coat is so much more than an accessory. The history of the trench coat dates back over 150 years, and we are going to delve deeper into the folds of this stylish and essential […]

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history of the mini skirt

A History of the Mini Skirt  The iconic history of the mini skirt is anything but short and sweet. It involves rebellion, sex and sixties hedonism at its core. Hitched-up hemlines can date back as far 4700BC. But the mini skirt we know and love today was born out of a youth culture movement that […]

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what is pul

What is PUL? PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate which is a very unique material. Also known as ‘thermal stretch’ or ‘fuzzy rubber’, this waterproof material has a huge range of end uses. Polyurethane Laminate has a number of uses due to the abundance of super-helpful characteristics. PUL fabric has a number of applications from medical […]

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what is direct to garment printing

Direct to garment printing, also known as DTG is a somewhat new printing technology which is becoming increasingly popular. It has multiple pros and cons, as with all printing methods, but what is direct to garment printing? What is the Direct to Garment Printing Process? The DTG process is pretty much exactly what it says. […]

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promote your art

Promoting your artwork isn’t just a simple case of “Here is my thing – Please buy my thing – You will like my thing”. There is so much more to it than that. Chances are, you know this already. However, that then raises a problem. Once you’ve scratched the surface of how to not only […]

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contrado vs printful

Many of you said you wanted to be able to integrate your Contrado store with Shopify, and now you can! (Click here to find out how.) The other question that we see being asked a lot is “Is there an alternative version of Printful?” and our Shopify integration is just that! We’ve taken a look […]

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ecommerce vs retail

When people talk about stores, there are a number of different words that get thrown around, and two of the main ones are eCommerce and retail. But, what’s the difference, what does it all mean? Which is better? Is there a better one? We take a look at eCommerce vs. retail, in closer detail, to […]

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make money on twitter

Have you been wondering how to make money on Twitter? Well, here you have it, a full post just for you! You can make money on Twitter even easier than you think! Whether you are a small business owner or someone wanting to make your own money, Twitter enables you to use its tools to […]

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t-shirt business tips

You’ve got plenty of great ideas. You have a catalogue of awesome designs. In your mind, you have a whole t-shirt business enterprise. But, where do you start? How do you make it happen? What do you do, or don’t you do? How do I start a t-shirt business? Well, there is no need to […]

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dropshipping marketing

So, your storefront is set up and looking beautiful. You’ve sussed your supplier, so you know you’re going to be supplying the best of the best of the best. You’re roaring to go and ready to make your business empire blossom, but, there’s just one snag. Nobody is here. Like that sweet little girl setting […]