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Best Bedding Material: Your Fabric Guide to a Great Night Sleep

best bedding material

When you snuggle up into your bed for the night, you want to be comfortable. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter and content in the softness of your kingdom for the night. So what is the best bedding material? How do you know what is going to be a great bedding fabric and what will be a bedding material disaster? We’ve done some research and taken a look into the best fabric to sleep on to give you one of the most comfortable nights you could dream of.

Your Guide to the Best Material For Bedding and Nightwear

1. Plush Velvet

plush velvet bedding material

All bedding fabrics have different uses, depending on exactly what you’re intentions are. Plush Velvet has a soft and fluffy pile, which has a smooth surface. Whilst this sounds absolutely amazing, you wouldn’t necessarily want to sleep on it all night, as it might get a bit too warm. What it is perfect for, however, is a dressing gown or robe. Create your own soft and fluffy bathrobe using Plush Velvet and experience the soft, snuggly nature for yourself.

2. Polar Fleece

polar fleece bedding fabric

Polar Fleece is an amazing fabric, with a brushed finish to the front and back. It is fluffy and comfortable and doesn’t crease easily. Perfect for blankets when you need that extra snuggly layer in the winter as well as for robes. With a shorter pile than the Plush Velvet and a water-repellant hydrophobic nature, this is definitely a favourite for when the cold nights draw in.

3. Bamboo Soft

bamboo best fabric for bedding

I know, I know, isn’t bamboo what the pandas eat? But, hear me out here. Bamboo Soft is a smooth fabric, with a structured build. It has a matte finish and as it says right there in the name, it’s soft. Not only does it have a crisp, silky finish, it’s super breathable too, which makes it perfect for bedding. It does have a slightly starchier feel to it than a poly-cotton sheet, which makes it firmer and taut.

4. Peached Poly Sheeting

peach poly sheeting best fabric to sleep on

We can’t recommend this one enough. In fact, we love the Peached Poly Sheeting so much that we use it in our duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets. It is soft, it’s breathable and it has amazing anti-wrinkle properties. What’s more, it has a peached surface which gives it that wonderfully luxurious feel. It has a thread count of 200 making it perfect for bedding.

5. Microfibre Terry Towelling

microfibre towelling best material for bedding

So, this one might sound like an odd choice, but it’s an amazing bedding material. So much so that we use it to make our flat sheets, as well as offering it as a fabric option for bathrobes. It’s rated for nightwear, super-soft and water absorbent. It moulds itself easily to take on any shape – including you!

6. Loopback Jersey

loopback material

Loopback is another jersey fabric, which again makes it super soft. It has a soft matte face and a super comfortable looped back. It’s heavyweight and solid, with a tight-knit so that it retains its shape well. It’s great for nightwear applications, so much so that we use it to make our onesies. A great choice for nightwear.

7. Soft Fashion Jersey

soft fashion jersey for nightwear

This fabric is one of our newer additions, and, frankly, I fell in love with it immediately. It’s soft, stretchy and has a wonderful matte finish. It clings to you where it should and then drapes beautifully everywhere else. It’s perfect for PJs. So much so that we use it for our pyjama set and the men’s and women’s PJ bottoms. If that isn’t testament enough as to how comfortable this is, we even offer it as an option for the ladies knickers. That’s right, it’s soft enough we would put our bums in it!

Create the best fabrics for bedding yourself

So there you have it, a list of our top picks for bedding fabric and nightwear materials. But did you know that you can design your very own fabric? That way you can create not only the best fabric to sleep on but also the perfect material to match your personality, your home decor or even your mood.

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