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Eco-Friendly Dropshipping – What You Need To Know in 2021

The need for more sustainable and eco-friendly products and processes is becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. The looming impact of global warming is changing how businesses operate, necessitating a shift towards greener ways to conduct their operations.

Is there a shift towards a more eco-friendly way of doing business? Does eco-dropshipping exist? What is Contrado doing to become more sustainable and how you can help?

Why Businesses Must Become More Sustainable

First, it’s wise to touch on why companies must re-evaluate how they do business and why they need to implement more eco-friendly processes. We’ve all heard about the growing concern relating to global warming. It’s difficult to actually understand the impact that businesses have on this.

The primary driver of global warming in 2021 is still carbon emissions. This refers to the amount of carbon dioxide that is pumped into the air due to a company’s operations. The companies that tend to be the worst offenders are understandably those who use coal as a fuel source.

However, there are other ways businesses push carbon dioxide into the air, such as through air conditioning systems. In addition, companies can indirectly increase CO2 emissions through where they source their products; if a company orders items from China to Australia, then shipping the product will send vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.  

Another way that companies impact the environment is through the types of materials they use in their production processes. Many firms use materials that are not renewable or are even toxic to the environment. What’s more, wastage is another major factor in relation to global warming. Australia uses 4 million tonnes of paper each year.

There are many other ways businesses impact the environment. The ones mentioned above are just a couple of the more significant ones. We will touch on how dropshipping can be made eco-friendly and how we at Contrado are doing our bit to become more sustainable.

What Is Eco-Friendly Dropshipping?

Eco-friendly dropshipping refers to implementing greener processes into dropshipping operations. This can come in a variety of ways. Many eco-friendly dropshippers will offer products that have a low impact on the environment, such as products produced in the same country. Like Contrado! We make all of our products on demand, so there’s no extra stock or waste. We make everything in one facility to minimise transportation and emissions.

An additional factor to think about when it comes to eco-friendly dropshipping is the types of materials used to create your products. Depending on what you are selling, your products might contain non-renewable or harmful materials.

If you do decide to utilise greener products in your online store, we can help. At Contrado, we use eco-friendly materials to create our product range, sourced from premium suppliers. We use eco-friendly inks in our custom-printing process. That means they are not derived from fossil fuels. Finally, we do not use water or gas in our printing process, reducing the amount of waste from our operations.

Want to do your part? When considering eco-friendly dropshipping, analyse your online store and determine what you can tweak so that you can do your bit for the environment. Whether it’s the type of products you sell or where they are sourced from, there is always something we can do on an individual level.

What Is Contrado Doing To Become More Sustainable?

As touched on earlier, we produce all of our products in one facility to limit carbon emissions from transportation as much as possible. We always use the most sustainable fabrics and materials when creating our products and ensure the amount of waste we produce is as minimal as it can be.

We make our products to order, which means we do not hold vast amounts of stock. This means that we never need to burn or dispose of anything, reducing wastage even further. We also offer various types of sustainable products for dropshippers to feature in their online stores, such as vegan products, organic products, and even products from recycled materials. What’s more, all of the wood we use is certified by the FSC.

Finally, we stopped shipping our fabric waste to landfill sites and instead offered this excess fabric to individuals and small businesses that could use it. Our fabric waste is then transformed into beautiful and eco-friendly products.

The Future – Eco-Friendly Dropshipping

To summarise, eco-dropshipping is a business process that can positively impact the world and help make e-commerce operations a greener practice. Through conscious decisions to become more eco-friendly, we can all do our bit to help protect the planet.

If you’re interested in eco-friendly dropshipping, then check out what we offer here at Contrado! A vast selection of products that you can customise, all produced sustainably. Start eco-friendly dropshipping today!

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