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How To Protect Your Art From Being Stolen – When Does Copyright Expire?

Protecting your art is vital. When you have put your all into the process the last thing you want is for all your hard work to be taken away from you and claimed by someone else. From formulating the idea, selecting the perfect colour scheme, and creating the art itself, a lot goes into perfecting your final design. Your hard work deserves to be recognised. That is why it is vital to know how you can protect it and when does copyright expire?

What Is Copyright?

Copyright refers to the legal right that protects the use of your work once your idea has been expressed physically. Simply it refers to the law that protects the use of your work, once your idea has become a reality. You are the rights owner, meaning you can do anything you want with your art. You can copy, change, sell, and even share it online. Therefore, if someone would like to use your art, you are able to charge them a fee, decide what rights they can have and for what period of time. And if you are feeling very generous you can give them permission for no cost at all.

For your artwork to be protected by copyright law, it must be both original and tangible. Your piece of art must be the product of your own skill, and cannot just be an idea. So, an idea for a painting you have had is not protected by copyright until it is produced physically in one way or another.

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When Does Copyright Expire?

Copyright length is dependent on the work that is produced. As an artist, your work is protected by copyright from the day it was created to 70 years after the artist’s death.

The time runs from the end of the calendar year in which the author passed (copyright always expires on the 31st of December in a given year). Once the copyright has expired your artwork will enter the public domain. Anything in the public domain is allowed to be used and re-used by anyone. At no cost and with no need for permission.

Each country has its own copyright law and practices, but most will protect works created in other countries the same as their own. However, the time of copyright expiration may differ from country to country so do bear that in mind.

Why Is Copyright Important?

You want to protect your art like you would protect any of your other possessions. You wouldn’t let just anyone into your home, that is why we install locks, have trespassing laws and pay for insurance. So, why would you let someone take your art and claim it as their own? As an artist, it is essential to claim your artistic creations and protect them from being used without your permission. Think of it as a lock on your artwork; not everyone is allowed access to your art.

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How Do I Copyright My Art?

Copyright protection is automatic. There is no need to register your work in order to protect your rights. However, if applying for a patent or trademark you will need to register.

In Australia, copyright is enforced by the law. If someone has copied your whole art piece or a substantial part of it, without your permission, then you can decide to sue the copyright infringer. Should you be successful, this will prevent them from using your work any further. If you have lost money due to the copying of your art then you may also be eligible for compensation. However, you should always seek legal advice before making claims of copyright infringement – otherwise you could get sued yourself.

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