Custom Sublimation Transfer Paper for Fabric

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Order ready printed dye sublimation textile transfer paper for your fabric projects. Pre-printed with your designs, you can order as much or as little as you like thanks to our no minimum service. You might be printing fabric or garments like t-shirts for example, and want your own designs in custom arrangements on the fabric. Order a test print if you aren’t sure what you want it to look like. Use the online system to upload your image and select a test size, from A1 to A5 or a custom size. Please be certain of your dimensions and transfer paper choice before paying as your transfer paper will be printed very fast. Transfer paper is pale once printed, and should not be colour compared until heat pressed onto the material when it will come to life accurately.

  • Highest grade dye sub paper for professionals
  • For 85% + polyester fabric or substrate
  • Available in A1 to A5 or custom sizes
  • Ideal for dye sub fabric, ready to press
  • From A4 to 100s of metres
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  • No. This is important. We automatically mirror your designs so that when you transfer the designs across they are printed the way you would like them to be seen. When you are uploading your designs, upload them the way you would like to see them.
  • When sublimation printing fabric we recommend using fabrics which are 85% polyester or above for best results. Transfer paper inks react with poly based fabrics, so if you're using natural fabrics the process will not be successful. If you have a low percentage polyester the colours and designs may be faded or the print may be less clear. So choose your fabric wisely. We recommend always doing a test print before working on a large scale. Temperature is critical so if you are not familiar with this technique you need to learn how to do it.
  • Use transfer paper between 180°C - 205°C. Time may vary between 50-110 secs. It's wise that you test on a small piece to ensure the fabric or paper does not melt or scorch. This transfer paper is designed to be used in a heat press only. For home use with an iron or alternative press method, we advise you to do so at your own risk. Many factors need to be considered for the perfect image transfer, such as fabric, temperature, pressure and positioning etc. If you're using at home, please understand you are accepting the risks that accompany it.

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Custom Sublimation Transfer Paper for Fabric

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