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Custom Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabric is a popular choice for apparel, thanks to its unique elastic properties. Stretch jersey fabric is an essential in the fashion industry, and in this guide, we discover why.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

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1-2 Days Production

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Exclusive Discounts

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Speedy delivery

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Flex Sport Lycra

With 20% elastane, this fabric is super stretchy.

View all Flex Sport Lycra

Loopback Jersey

White faced looped back jersey, similar to cotton sweat shirt style. 250gsm. Sharp, clear colours. Good for everyday clothes.

View all Loopback Jersey

Quilted Jersey Stretch

Knitted Jersey with wadding layer for extra padding. 255gsm. Stamped diamond quilt effect. Water absorbent. Crafts, garments.

View all Quilted Jersey Stretch

Slinky Lycra Matt

82% poly, 18% lycra. Medium weight, soft, 4-way stretch. 210gsm. Slinky and smooth. Fantastic for leggings, swimwear, sportswear.

View all Slinky Lycra Matt

Lycra Matt

90% poly, 10% elastane. Soft, elastic, matt. 140gsm. Bouncy, lively, smooth drape. Ideal for hotpants, bandeaus, cosplay.

View all Lycra Matt

Lycra Heavy Matt

92% poly, 8% elastane. Thick stretchy power Lycra, 250gsm. Soft, smooth. Good for dresses, moulds to body & hugs figure.

View all Lycra Heavy Matt

Lycra Soft Sheen

85% poly, 15% elastane. Soft, shiny, flexible. Resists abrasion. Moisture wicking. Figure hugging. Swimsuits, bikinis, dresses

View all Lycra Soft Sheen

Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey

Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey 160gsm made from 100% recycled yarns.

View all Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey

Tencel Cotton Jersey

This fabric has 6% elastane blended in for stretch.

View all Tencel Cotton Jersey

Florence Power Net

Knitted tulle mesh fabric. Fray resistant, lightweight, 60gsm. Delicate fluid drape, super stretchy. Tent linings, outer garments

View all Florence Power Net

Speaker Grille Cloth

Woven, poly, acoustic fabric for speakers. Open weave, mesh like quality. 140gsm. Soft, elastic, 4-way stretch. Fix to speaker grille.

View all Speaker Grille Cloth

Airflow Light Sport Stretch

Woven pique knit. Characteristic airflow holes. Soft, breathable, cool. Flawless print. 140gsm. Running gear, rain jacket linings.

View all Airflow Light Sport Stretch

Crushed Velour

Knitted, stretchy poly based fabric. 245gsm. Soft, short plush pile, shimmery face. Vibrant colours. Trimmings, furnishings, dresses.

View all Crushed Velour


Heavyweight weft-knitted Lycra. 274gsm. Smooth, thick, lively. 4 way stretch. White base tone, slight sheen. Natural flowing drape

View all Scuba


Knitted poly face backed onto spongy, thick Neoprene. 1000gsm, opaque. Water absorbent, thermal insulator. Good for wetsuits.

View all Neoprene

Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey

160gsm, stretchy, feels good on the skin. Ideal for gym tops, T-Shirts. Quick drying & slightly water absorbent.

View all Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey

Polar Fleece

Thick, warm, non-fray. fleece. 285gsm. Soft, napped texture. Water repellent. Intense colours. Scarves, jumpers, gloves, mittens.

View all Polar Fleece

Scuba Crepe

Heavyweight knitted Lycra. 290gsm. Textured "crepe" face. Smooth back. 4-way stretch. Great recovery and drape. White base.

View all Scuba Crepe

Heavy Brushed Sweat Jersey

Thick jersey, smooth to touch on one side. 260gsm. Soft brushed reverse. High detailed finish. Good for winter clothes.

View all Heavy Brushed Sweat Jersey

Slub Jersey

140gsm, fashionable, slub construction, weft knitted, soft, stretchy, breathable, good drape, sharp print detail, strong colours.

View all Slub Jersey

Loose Knit Jersey

5% elastane, good stretch and recovery, breathable, moisture-wicking, interesting random pattern knit, homespun effect, 185gsm

View all Loose Knit Jersey

Crepe Stretch

Classic crepe face, beautiful drape, lightweight, 85gsm, elegant and strong, excellent print and colour reproduction, taut.

View all Crepe Stretch

Chain Jersey

Pique knitted jersey with chain mail surface texture detail. Heavy, 255gsm. Breathable with light sheen, great for clothing.

View all Chain Jersey

Ponte Jersey

A 260gsm heavyweight fabric that is strong and stable, with brilliant stretch and recovery on the weft.

View all Ponte Jersey

Rox Sports Jersey

A breathable weft knitted sports jersey. Smooth and flat with stretch qualities. 250gsm

View all Rox Sports Jersey

Solange Silky Jersey

An incredibly soft, mid-weight fabric, 215gsm. Single jersey with good stretch on weft.

View all Solange Silky Jersey

Soft Fashion Jersey

Lightweight and very stretchy, this jersey feels like a second skin and holds its shape well.

View all Soft Fashion Jersey

Olympic Sports Jersey

Lightweight and breathable, this quick-drying sportswear mesh jersey is perfect for sports and athleisure.

View all Olympic Sports Jersey

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What is stretch fabric?

Stretch fabric is a generalised term used for any textile, woven or knitted, which has more stretch, elasticity and recovery than regular fabrics. They are usually synthetic however they can be blended with natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen.

These fabrics have either a 2-way or a 4-way stretch and the majority of weft-knitted textiles, such as stretch jersey fabric, are innately stretchy. 2-way stretches in one direction, usually from selvedge to selvedge – however can be in other directions, depending on the knit – whereas a 4-way stretches in both directions; crosswise and lengthwise.

Popular and widely available fabrics include:
  • Lycra
  • Stretch cotton
  • Stretch jersey fabric
  • Stretch lace fabric
  • Organza
  • Mesh
  • Fleece
  • Velvet
  • Neoprene
  • Scuba fabric
  • Elastane
  • Spandex

How is it manufactured?

Stretch fabrics have evolved throughout the years and fabrics, such as neoprene, spandex and elastane or Lycra have been invented and used widely in the fashion, artistic and decorative worlds.

Stretch fabrics can be made mechanically; by using the knitting process outlined above, or they can be made by including a yarn that already has an inherent stretch, such as spandex and elastane.

The actual elasticity comes from the fibres, which make up the fabric. The degree of stretch can vary from as little as 5% all the way to 500% of its original length. It is generally thought of that only fabrics with 15% elongation and recovery, and above, are described as true stretch fabrics.

Purposes of stretch fabric

Stretch fabrics are highly versatile and can be used either on their own or mixed with other fibres to create materials, which are useful and functional. Stretch fabrics are used predominantly in the fashion and sportswear industries to provide comfort, fit and flexibility as well as a beautiful aesthetic quality.


The main property of stretch fabrics is their elasticity. Textiles such as stretch jersey fabric, stretch knit fabric and stretch lace fabric are extremely popular, thanks to their stretch and recovery rate. 

When choosing your stretch fabric online, it is important to understand just how stretchy they are, as there are several degrees of elasticity in fabrics.
  • Comfort stretch fabrics stretch and recover within the range of around 15-30% and are commonly used for everyday items, such as t-shirts, sportswear, swimwear, trousers and more. They conform to the body contours without being overly tight.
  • Power stretch fabrics can stretch and recover in the range of 30% all the way to 200%. These are mostly used to manufacture items that compress and control the body, such as bras, sports bras, activewear, skiwear and surgical supports. 

Advantages of stretch fabric

These materials have a great variety of advantages, which have driven the desire to constantly improve them. The main advantage, as to why stretchy fabrics and materials are just so popular, is that when the fabric is stretched, it can return to its original state. Even when stretched repeatedly.

This attribute is especially important in clothing such as swimwear, activewear, hosiery and other garments, which are made to be worn close to the body. This includes form-fitting and cosplay.

The other major advantage of stretch fabrics is that they can be easily blended with either other synthetic materials or natural fibres to create an overall fabric of brilliant quality and functionality.