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Custom Vegan Fabrics


Enjoy a range of vegan fabrics with amazing characteristics and handles which are entirely cruelty-free. Use your own custom pieces to design vegan friendly fabric prints for a multitude of uses, hand-printed and finished with no minimum order requirements. Print your design on vegan clothing material. Ready to ship in just 1-2 days.

What are vegan fabrics?

Vegan fabrics are those which do not use any animal products in their construction. Fabrics which contain animal products can vary from the more obvious, such as wool, to things which are less so, for example, materials which may have been treated with beeswax. Vegan fabrics are those which contain no animal products at all. 

Vegan fabrics are completely cruelty-free, so you can rest assured that neither the fabric itself or the finishing processes contain animal products. Vegan fabrics are becoming more and more popular, as is veganism as a whole. 

How are they manufactured?

The answer to this question is not simple. There are a number of types of vegan fabrics, and the manufacturing process varies for each of these. 

  • Synthetic vegan fabrics - A large number of vegan fabrics, especially those which act like vegan-alternatives, are synthetic - or man-made - products. These fabrics include creating the very fibres of the material, as well as the whole process of turning those fibres into yarn and then either weaving or knitting those into the finished fabric. 

  • Natural vegan fabrics - Not all vegan fabrics are poly fabrics. There are some natural fabrics which are completely cruelty-free, cotton, for example, or bamboo. These are made similarly, but rather, instead of making the fibres themselves, they are harvested from plants and often cleaned, before being spun into yarn which is then made into the finished fabric.

Purposes of vegan fabrics

Vegan fabrics have so many different uses, from reupholstering furniture to making clothes and even other sewing and crafting projects. When you custom design vegan fabric there can be any number of end uses, as with most fabrics, but you are designing material in the comfort that you are doing so entirely cruelty-free.

With the boom of social consciousness and the ever-increasing number of vegans both in the UK and worldwide, vegan fabrics are becoming increasingly higher in demand. 

Properties of vegan fabrics

The main property of vegan fabrics is the lack of animal products. Both in the makeup of the fabric fibres itself, and the process that is used to make and finish the material. Ultimately that is what determines if a product is vegan or not. Beyond that, there are a huge number of properties that vegan fabrics have. 

Vegan fabrics can be natural or man-made, and when you design vegan fabric you can choose from a selection of other characteristics and properties based on the end-use of your material. From the wonderfully soft Peached Poly Fabric to a stretchy Jersey material, to a stiffer but ever so satiny Silk Sensation, you can design vegan fabric to perfectly suit what you want to use it for. 

Advantages of vegan fabrics

There are a vast number of advantages that you can benefit from when you print your design on vegan clothing material. Both for your own peace of mind and social conscience to those which benefit the world around you. As well as being cruelty-free in their production and finishing, as well as their composition, animal agriculture makes up a high proportion of global warming. When you custom design vegan fabrics you aren't contributing to that at all, which means that your vegan fabrics are likely having a positive impact on the environment too. 

As a number of poly fabrics are also vegan fabrics, these can be designed to be absolutely perfectly tailored to their end uses. Whether that be something super soft, super durable or a combination of them both. Synthetic fabrics often are much easier to produce bolder brighter colours with, which means that you are more likely to get exactly the look you're looking for.