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Sublimation Fabric Printing

To get your designs from the digital space and onto the material, one of the techniques we use is dye sublimation printing on fabric. This methods bonds the ink deep into the structure of the fibres, making it part of the textile, rather than sitting in a layer on top.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

4.6/5 from 1600+ independent 3rd party reviews

1-2 Days Production
1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

Exclusive Discounts
Exclusive Discounts

Quantity, Wholesalers and Students

Speedy delivery
Speedy delivery

Quick delivery within 2-5 days once shipped

Sailor's Canvas

Design woven canvas with a unique rustic texture. 480gsm.

View all Sailor's Canvas

Peached Poly Sheeting

Design this polycotton fabric for bedding and more.

View all Peached Poly Sheeting

Butterfly Smooth Crepe

This light to midweight crepe fabric is floaty and easy to care for.

View all Butterfly Smooth Crepe

Panama Flo

This half-Panama weave is light but still durable.

View all Panama Flo

Fashion Crepe

Fashion Crepe has great stretch with a solid construction.

View all Fashion Crepe

Poly Twill

This durable classic twill weave is a blend of polycotton.

View all Poly Twill

Silk Impression

This silk alternative is super lightweight at 41gsm and has a shiny face.

View all Silk Impression

Crepe de Chine

This crepe fabric is elegant and will look gorgeous with your designs.

View all Crepe de Chine

Lustrous Seduction Poly Satin

This satin weave poly is great for garments and weighs just 85gsm.

View all Lustrous Seduction Poly Satin

Silk Sensation

This vegan silk fabric is practical and has a subtle lustre.

View all Silk Sensation


This taffeta has a tabby weave with a sheen to it. 90gsm.

View all Taffeta

Velvet Fever Poly Satin

Silky, textured, and lustrous. Velvet satin is great for dressmaking and more.

View all Velvet Fever Poly Satin

Lucent Satin

This double-faced satin is shiny and lovely to work with.

View all Lucent Satin

Monroe Satin

Design this tightly woven satin with a fluid drape. 160gsm.

View all Monroe Satin

Duchess Satin

This shiny satin is delicate in appearance but still robust.

View all Duchess Satin


This parachute fabric is waterproof and ultra lightweight at 65gsm.

View all Ripstop

Ella Waterproof

This light and tough fabric is water-resistant and semi-transparent.

View all Ella Waterproof

Voile de Ville

Voile de Ville has an open weave with a mesh-like appearance.

View all Voile de Ville

Linden Waterproof

This non-fray waterproof fabric is durable and has a super tight weave.

View all Linden Waterproof

Breathable Waterproof

This poly fabric has a waterproof coating that is still breathable.

View all Breathable Waterproof

Nautica Peached Splash Proof

This splash-proof fabric is tough and taut. 172gsm.

View all Nautica Peached Splash Proof


This beautifully lightweight organza is completely sheer.

View all Organza

Volando Voile

This light voile has an open weave with a bit of elasticity in the bias.

View all Volando Voile

Mulmul Soft Muslin

This muslin fabric is similar to cheesecloth with an open construction. 55gsm.

View all Mulmul Soft Muslin

Poly Georgette

Design your own durable and light poly georgette fabric.

View all Poly Georgette

Crushed Velour

Crushed Velour has a soft pile and is super stretchy and opaque.

View all Crushed Velour

Polar Fleece

Thick, water-resistant fleece with four-way stretch.

View all Polar Fleece


This chenille weave fabric has a textured pile and is heavyweight at 330gsm.

View all Chenille

Tender Terry Towelling

Toweling fabric has a soft microfibre pile and is absorbent.

View all Tender Terry Towelling


Neoprene is 3-4mm thick with a printable poly face on top of the neoprene backing.

View all Neoprene

Marbled Velvet

This marble-effect velvet has plenty of movement in the glimmering face.

View all Marbled Velvet

Suede Vision

This faux suede is 100% poly and fire-rated.

View all Suede Vision

Plush Velvet

Thick, warm, and ultra soft. Plush Velvet is stretchy and absorbent.

View all Plush Velvet

Soft Velvet

Short and dense velvet pile. Wide variety of uses. 280gsm.

View all Soft Velvet

Mayfair Herringbone Weave

This poly-blend herringbone fabric has a soft cotton feel. 269gsm.

View all Mayfair Herringbone Weave

Archway Brushed Twill

This diamond twill fabric is fairly heavy. Good for soft furnishings. 290gsm.

View all Archway Brushed Twill

Trafalgar Twill

A classic Poly Twill with a medium weight of 274gsm.

View all Trafalgar Twill

Portobello Canvas

View all Portobello Canvas

Blossom Lace

Intricate lace printed with your designs. 35gsm.

View all Blossom Lace

Florence Power Net

Super stretchy power mesh for lingerie and applications. 60gsm.

View all Florence Power Net

Matte Lycra

Discover our Lycra fabrics, perfekt for swimsuits and sportswear. Available in two weights.

View all Matte Lycra

Lycra Soft Sheen

Shimmery and fluid Lycra fabric, perfect for swimwear and tight-fitting clothing. 160gsm.

View all Lycra Soft Sheen

Slinky Matte Lycra

A medium to heavy weight of 210gsm gives this matte Lycra fabric substance.

View all Slinky Matte Lycra

Flex Sport Lycra

This lycra is best suited for swimwear and sportwear.

View all Flex Sport Lycra


Thick and stretchy scuba fabric with a heavy weight of 275gsm.

View all Scuba

Scuba Crepe

Soft and stretchy scuba fabric made from twisted poly yarn and elastane. 290gsm.

View all Scuba Crepe

Slub Jersey

A unique Jersey knit with structured surface. Medium weight of 140gsm.

View all Slub Jersey

Airflow Light

Medium weight eyelet knit fabric, breathable and perfect for sportswear. 145gsm.

View all Airflow Light

Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey

Classic stretchy Jersey available in regular and recycled options.

View all Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey

Olympic Sports Jersey

Medium weight eyelet knit Jersey fabric. Breathable, flexible, perfect for sportswear. 180gsm.

View all Olympic Sports Jersey

Loose Knit Jersey

Stretchy Jersey with loosely structured knit, giving it a homespun and rustic look.

View all Loose Knit Jersey

Crepe Stretch

Substantial and stretchy crepe fabric with a weight of 190gsm.

View all Crepe Stretch

Soft Fashion Jersey

Medium weight Poly Jersey, weighing 200gsm. Classic t-shirt material.

View all Soft Fashion Jersey

Solange Silk Jersey

Soft and silky jersey knit with a flowing drape. Weight: 215gsm.

View all Solange Silk Jersey

Rox Sports Jersey

Thick jersey with a heavier weight of 250gsm. 4% elastane makes it flexible.

View all Rox Sports Jersey

Quilted Jersey

A 3-layered quilted fabric with a bottom and top layer of Jersey. Perfect for lining jackets and bags.

View all Quilted Jersey

Chain Jersey

Jersey knit with unique chain-style structure. Matte and opaque finish. 255gsm.

View all Chain Jersey

Ponte Jersey

Smooth and matte ponte knit jersey with slightly ribbed surface. 260gsm.

View all Ponte Jersey

Loopback Jersey

Also known as summer sweat or French terry, classic sweatshirt material. 250gsm.

View all Loopback Jersey

Heavy Brushed Sweat Jersey

Soft heavyweight jersey fabric with soft brushed back. For sweatshirts, sweatpants and lounge wear. 260gsm.

View all Heavy Brushed Sweat Jersey

Soft Shell Jersey

Double Jersey with opaque and slightly shimmery finish. Heavy at 350gsm.

View all Soft Shell Jersey

Speaker Grille Cloth

Acoustic fabric, used for covering speaker grilles. Woven Poly. 140gsm.

View all Speaker Grille Cloth

Scroll Paper Fabric

Stiff and matte wallpaper fabric. 100% non-woven, untearable. 120gsm.

View all Scroll Paper Fabric

Furnishing Leatherette

Heavyweight faux leather. Hardwearing for upholstery. 600gsm.

View all Furnishing Leatherette

Warm Leatherette

Heavy vegan leather with embossed face. 700gsm. Fire-rated.

View all Warm Leatherette

Chichi Furnishing Velour

Soft upholstery fabric with low pile. Fire-rated and durable. 280gsm.

View all Chichi Furnishing Velour


Choose between a number of tapestry fabrics and select custom dimensions.

View all Tapestry

Roller Blind Standard

Stiff roller blind fabric with a shimmery surface. Let's light through.

View all Roller Blind Standard

Roller Blind Blackout

Roller blind fabric with complete blackout coating.

View all Roller Blind Blackout

Woven Canvas

Design poly woven canvas in 300gsm or 500gsm.

View all Woven Canvas

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How Sublimation Printing Works

At its basic level, dye sublimation printing on fabric uses high heat and specialised printing paper to transfer dye from the paper to the fabric. During this process, the dye turns from a solid to a gas, completely bypassing the liquid stage that would normally happen in-between. 

Your design is printed as a mirror image onto the specialist paper, meaning it starts out backwards. We take the unprinted fabric and lay it out completely flat so that no lines or wrinkles show up later on. Once we lay the paper on top of the material, it's showtime. Heat and pressure trigger this solid-to-gas transition, so we use an industrial heat press to facilitate this process. This combination allows the dye to sink into the material fibres and become part of the fabric. The image is reversed when it's transferred onto the material, so your design will be the right way around.

We use sublimation fabric printing on materials that are primarily poly-based, with a poly composition of about 80-85%. The fabric needs to be white, as sublimation printing can't print white inks. However, this technique can still print the entirety of a fabric. This means that if you create a design with a dark background, the sublimation printing will be able to replicate that.

The Benefits of Sublimation Fabric Printing

Since the inks penetrate the fabric fibres, your designs are much less prone to fading in comparison to other printing methods. This is because the ink doesn't just sit on top of the material, but rather is part of it. What this means for you is that your design will stay intact without peeling away, cracking, or flaking off. 

Dye sublimation printing on fabric produces super vibrant colours across the whole spectrum. Any colour that you can create on a computer can be reproduced with sublimation printing. The only thing to keep in mind is that the tones of the colours depend on the base colour of the fabric itself. If a fabric has a warmer undertone, then you may be able to detect this overall hue in the final printed fabric. The same applies to cooler tones as well.

Another benefit of dye sublimation fabric is how intricate the detailing can be. This level of detail will depend on the fabric itself, as each one is unique. Above all, the fabric retains its original handle so it'll feel just as it's supposed to. When it comes to fabric, this is extra important because you'll want the fabric to be authentic. Even the softest fabrics will still be cosy after they make their way through the sublimation process.

With this level of detailing, you can print virtually anything you can imagine. Whether that's stunning landscape photography, abstract digital art, or whimsical watercolour scenes, it can be printed to perfection. You'll be able to see all the brushstrokes and fine lines that make your art a masterpiece.

Sublimation fabric printing can be done in small runs, meaning you don't have to order excess fabric if you don't need it. We're also able to sublimate quickly, meaning most fabric orders will be ready within 1-2 days from when you place your order. 

Dye sublimation can be used on jersey, lycra, polycotton, velvet, and silk alternative fabrics. All in all, it's a fantastic method that will leave you with the best results every time.