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Custom Blazer

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These custom blazers, printed and made to order, feature a shawl collar and twin ties at the waist. Available in a choice of two luxurious materials and printed with your own artwork and designs, you can design your own women's blazer that's both... Read More
  • Available in two fabrics
  • Shawl collar and long sleeves
  • Black or white drawstring options
  • From petite XXS to XXL plus size
  • Custom blazers made to order
  • There are twin ties on your custom wrap blazer. Once you have the garment on, wrap the left hand side over the front of your torso. There is a drawstring tie on the outside edge of the left hand side, which you need to tie with the one on the inside seam of the right hand side of the blazer. This ties on the right hand side of your waist. Once this is secure, wrap the right hand side of the blazer over the front of your torso. The drawstring on the outside edge of the blazer should meet with a drawstring on the left hand side of the waist. Tie this just above your left hip. That's it - all done!
  • The way that the drawstring ties are stitched into the fabric the blazer has been designed to be tied with the top wrap coming from the right hand side and tying at the left hand side of the waist. As the first tie includes a drawstring that is on the inside seam, it would not fasten correctly you were to attempt wrapping it right to left and then left to right. Although some wrap tops can be tied both ways, they would not be able to have the glamorous design features such as the shawl collar, as this would not sit properly if tied both ways.
  • It entirely depends on the effect you are going for. Both fabrics have properties in common and properties that are entirely different. They are both very soft and have a great handle. The velour has heat retaining qualities as it is slightly heavier. The main difference between the two is that the satin has a smoother face and the velour has a soft pile.

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