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Personalised Women's Tops


Our personalised women's tops are available in a wide range of styles, all all-over printed and handmade. Design your personalised ladies tops in a variety of floaty and breathable fabrics that will display your designs in all their artistic glory.

Personalised Ladies Tops

From casual tank tops to luxurious silk camisoles, there is a personalised women's tops style that is bound to suit yourself and the occasion. These cuts are exclusive to Contrado, so you won't find them anywhere else. Combined with your original designs, you can create runway-worthy custom ladies tops that will turn heads everywhere.

  • Range of exclusive styles
  • Large variety of customisation options
  • Best quality fabrics
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Made to order by hand
  • All-over print
  • 48-hour production time
  • Fast trackable delivery 
  • Sustainably made
  • Made in one facility

How Your Personalised Ladies Tops Are Made

When you order your personalised women's tops, each one is printed and handmade. Rather than using ready-made garments, we print directly onto the fabric which is then cut and sewn to shape and size. This lets us print every part of the fabric for that signature edge-to-edge print. We use industry-leading printing techniques to flawlessly reproduce your designs in a true to colour fashion. 

Fabrics and Materials

We sustainably source all of the materials we use to make your top. Our poly-based fabrics are versatile and reliable, so you can count on them to make your art look amazing. We also offer a real silk satin material that is every bit of perfection, providing a top-level subtle sheen that reflects light beautifully.

Care Instructions

Our personalised women's tops can be machine washed at 30°C. We recommend hang-drying them to keep the print looking spectacular.

Design Tips

Choose a style of top that matches your own fashion sense or design one for your brand or portfolio. If you're an athleisure fan, a tank top is a must-have in your arsenal. Print bold colours and designs to make a top that stands out and draws everyone's eyes to you.  


Why is cut and sew better?

Printing your design onto the fabric and then turning it into personalised women's tops ensures that there's no unprinted fabric showing and you get the best quality all-over print.

Are the fabrics easy to care for?

Yes they are. You can machine wash your tops at 30°C.

Can these tops be formal?

Depending on how you design them, our cami top features a lace trim and is elegant. Pair this top with a blazer to elevate the look.

What do the fabrics feel like?

Each fabric feels different, but all of them are comfortable on the skin and are great for all-day wear. The print doesn't change the handle of the original fabric, so you don't have to worry about any stiff decals.

Can personalised women's tops be used for athletics?

Our jersey tank top is a great workout staple. It's casual and breathable so that you can exercise effortlessly, at least in terms of style!

Want to Sell Custom Ladies Tops?

Create personalised women's tops and sell them as part of your clothing or design brand. We offer wholesale discounts, a dropshipping service, or you can open a store on Contrado. Buy wholesale to resell your tops on your own, or partner with us to dropship through your Shopify store and we'll handle the shipping too. A Contrado store takes just a few minutes to open and you can be selling your personalised ladies tops in no time.