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Custom Lining Fabric

Lining fabric is a must-have for any sewing project, whether you're creating a garment, accessory or furnishings. Choose from the range of lining fabrics to get the perfect material for your design.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

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1-2 Days Production

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Exclusive Discounts

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Speedy delivery

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100% Silk Crepe de Chine

Make exquisite lining with our 100% silk crepe de chine fabric.

View all 100% Silk Crepe de Chine

Silk Satin

A genuine 100% silk fabric with a semi-transparent finish to add an element of luxury.

View all Silk Satin

Lucent Satin

Double faced sateen. Lightweight at 120 gsm with high lustre, shimmery surface. Taut and semi-transparent.

View all Lucent Satin

Nautica Peached Splashproof

Lightweight poly fabric 172 gsm. Taut with no stretch and splash proof.

View all Nautica Peached Splashproof

Organic Cotton Poplin

100% Janice poplin organic cotton weave 135gsm. Authentic slubbing effect. Cream base with no stretch.

View all Organic Cotton Poplin

Peached Poly Sheeting

A woven peached poly sheeting blend, cotton-like to the touch. Strong and smooth with anti-wrinkle surface. Subtle sheen.

View all Peached Poly Sheeting

Crepe de Chine

Classic crepe face, beautiful drape, lightweight, 85gsm, elegant and strong, excellent print and colour reproduction, taut.

View all Crepe de Chine

Pima Lawn 100% Cotton

100% cotton. Light, airy and smooth on the skin. Super light, 75gsm. Nice drape, flows beautifully. Use for clothes, furnishings.

View all Pima Lawn 100% Cotton

Silk Sensation

Silk alternative. Solid, plain closed weave. Shiny face, matt reverse. 90gsm. Slight stretch. Nice drape. Bedding, furnishings.

View all Silk Sensation

Silk Impression

Woven silk alternative. Shimmery poly face, semi-transparent. Soft & cool on the skin. Clothing, linings, garments. 41gsm

View all Silk Impression

Silk Twill

100% real silk. Beautiful twill weave. Lightweight, durable, strong colour and print detail. Soft with a lovely drape. 54gsm.

View all Silk Twill

Blackout Fabric

A stiff blackout fabric that doesn't fray. Waterproof and fire retardant.

View all Blackout Fabric

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What is Lining Fabric?

Lining fabric is any fabric that can be used to line a garment, accessory or furnishings, such as a dress, coat, curtains or bags. Lining fabric can have a variety of uses, and is generally added for extra warmth, comfort or style. Your lining fabric will be dependent on the item it’s being used for, as different items will have different lining needs.

Clothing will often have linings for added warmth or to make the garment feel comfortable against the skin, such as a silky soft fabric or natural thermal materials. Alternatively, furnishings like lightweight curtains will need a lining to add structure and help them hang correctly. As well as having practical uses, linings can often be used to add some extra colour or a print to the underside of a garment.

A huge variety of fabrics can be used for linings, and by designing materials online you’ll be able to understand the type of lining which is best suited to your project. You’ll also be able to experiment with fun and unique lining print designs to create the perfect look.

Both natural and synthetic fabrics can be used for lining fabrics. Different materials will have different properties which may be more suited to certain garments or projects.

Popular Lining Fabrics Include:

  • Boston Pique Knit
  • Lucent Satin
  • Nautica Peached Splashproof
  • Organic Cotton Poplin
  • Peached Polycotton Sheeting
  • Pima Lawn Cotton
  • Silk Impression
  • Silk Satin
  • Silk Sensation 
  • Victoria Viscose Twill

How is it Manufactured?

Lining fabrics are all manufactured differently, depending on what they’re created from and their purposes. Natural lining fabrics such as cotton are blends of natural fibres and have been woven to create the material, and synthetic lining fabrics are made using a chemical process.

Purposes of Lining Fabric?

The main purpose of lining fabric is dependent on the item. For clothing, a lining is usually added to make the garment feel more comfortable against the skin, as well as adding warmth and extra layers for certain items. Trousers and dresses may use a soft cotton lining for an extra layer which won’t add bulk and affect the shape of the piece, or simply a silk-feel lining to keep cool during the Summer.

Coats and jackets usually have linings to thicken the fabric and make them extra warm to wear. Weatherproof coats are likely to have waterproof or thermal linings to protect against the elements, whereas blazers or dinner jackets may use the lining as an opportunity to add some extra colour or style to a garment. Linings not only serve a practical purpose, they can often be used simply to add a stylish flair. Adding a printed or coloured lining means a pop of colour can be seen every now and then, and can give your design a unique quality.

As well as clothing, accessories often have lining fabrics too. Handbags always tend to have a lining which has both a practical and aesthetic purpose. Ideally a handbag lining should be soft to the touch and not be created from any abrasive material which could easily scratch a phone screen, for example. Fashion-lovers have even been known to buy bags simply based on their unique and stylish linings, with designers using vibrant prints such as silky tiger print or brightly coloured cottons. Other types of bags, such as washbags, would need a waterproof lining to safely store your toiletries and prevent any leakages.

Curtains will need a fabric which helps them hang correctly and provide privacy for sheer fabrics. A lining can both finish off the look of the curtains beautifully, as well as being used for practical purposes.

Consider what item you’ll be making and what it will be used for. If you’re creating an item of clothing, what time of year will it be worn? Will it need a thicker, warm lining if it’s a piece of Winter fashion? Or a cool, silky lining for a Summertime garment?

Bear in mind that some of the natural fabrics such as organic cotton will have a muted base tone which may affect the colours of your print design. Flecks of cotton seed may be visible in the final print for example, and your colours may come out less vibrant, however this does add a rustic charm to the fabric.


The properties of lining fabrics vary greatly, and are part of what make choosing the correct lining so important. Think about what your item will be used for, when it will be used, and what elements it may encounter, to ensure you choose the most suitable lining for your project.

Lightweight Linings:

  • Usually pure fabrics, such as silk
  • Makes clothing comfortable to wear
  • Very soft to the touch
  • Feel comfortable against the skin
  • Regulates temperature well
  • Silk, Satin

Linings for Warmth

  • Slightly firmer fabrics
  • Great for everyday wear
  • Has more of a structure
  • Helps retain heat

Linings for Furnishings:

  • Durable
  • Everyday wear and tear
  • Has more structure
  • Generally opaque to add privacy to sheer curtains

Advantages of Lining Fabric

One of the advantages of lining fabric is that there are so many options to choose from, depending on what you’ll use the fabric for. Think about if your lining will be worn or used every day; does it need to be durable for everyday wear and tear, or is it purely aesthetic? Will it encounter water or cold temperatures? Every material has a unique look, so make sure you choose the best fabric to make the perfect lining fabric for you.