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Custom Shirting Fabric

Make your own shirts, blouses or dresses using these gorgeous shirting fabrics, all designed to feel great and look great. From casual everyday work shirts to more formal, professional attire, discover more about these versatile fabrics here.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

4.6/5 from 1600+ independent 3rd party reviews

1-2 Days Production
1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

Exclusive Discounts
Exclusive Discounts

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Speedy delivery
Speedy delivery

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Silhouette Cotton Sateen

For a smart shirt or top, opt for cotton sateen.

View all Silhouette Cotton Sateen

Real Silk Satin

100% real silk. Smooth, shiny, flowing drape. Natural sheen to face, luxury handle. Clothing, scarves etc.

View all Real Silk Satin

Crepe Stretch

3% elastane, very good stretch and recovery, substantial, crepe texture at a diagonal, excellent colours and print detail.

View all Crepe Stretch

Crepe de Chine

Classic crepe face, beautiful drape, lightweight, 85gsm, elegant and strong, excellent print and colour reproduction, taut.

View all Crepe de Chine

Silk Sensation

Silk alternative. Solid, plain closed weave. Shiny face, matt reverse. 90gsm. Slight stretch. Nice drape. Bedding, clothing.

View all Silk Sensation

Peached Poly Sheeting

Strong woven peached poly sheeting blend. 130gsm. Feels like cotton. Smooth, anti-wrinkle with a subtle sheen.

View all Peached Poly Sheeting

Pima Lawn

100% cotton. Light, airy and smooth on the skin. Super light, 75gsm. Nice drape, flows beautifully. Use for clothes, furnishings.

View all Pima Lawn

Mulmul Soft Muslin

Soft, cotton-like touch with added durability from poly fibres. Lightweight, 55gsm. Open set net-like weave similar to cheesecloth.

View all Mulmul Soft Muslin

Cotton Satin

100% natural cotton satin weave. 172gsm. Smooth face with matt finish. Reflects & absorbs the light. Crisp and cool to touch.

View all Cotton Satin

Summer Breeze Viscose

For lightweight t-shirts and tank tops, print on viscose.

View all Summer Breeze Viscose


Recommending for smooth and crisp surface with a silky texture print needs.

View all Bamboo

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What is shirting fabric? 

Shirting fabrics are generally more tightly woven and less sheer, making them an ideal weight and texture for shirts, blouses and dresses. Most shirt fabrics will fall into one of five weaves; Poplin, Twill, Pinpoint, Oxford and Herringbone. Each weave offers a distinct texture and look, so there's some shirt dress fabrics that are better suited to casual wear and others that are perfect for formal attire. Shirting fabric should be soft and still be able to hold its shape well in order to create that fitted feel and smart aesthetic.  

Popular shirting fabrics include 

There's so many types of sheer fabrics, each with their own individual properties, however some of the most popular are: 

  • Lima Cotton Twill 
  • Lima Cotton Lawn 
  • Lima Cotton Poplin 
  • Viscose Twill 
  • 100% Real Cotton Poplin 
  • Mayfair Herringbone 
  • Vintage Fade
  • Mulmul

How are they manufactured? 

Each shirting fabric is manufactured in its own distinct way, and will depend upon the yarns used, thread count, ply count, the structure and whether it's natural or manmade fibres.

The type of weave used to make your shirting fabric will determine the final look and texture, and ultimately its preferred use.  

Poplin is tightly woven in a basic structure, and is a great for professional attire. The lack of sheen and minimal texture makes this a smooth fabric. The main technical difference between Poplin and Broadcloth is that Poplin can be made with different weight yarns in the warp and weft.  

Twill, on the other hand, has a distinctive texture and visible diagonal weave on the surface, giving this shirting fabric a lot of character. Less 'crisp' than poplin, Twill fabrics have an easy drape with a softer handle.  

Pinpoint Oxford is slightly less formal than the former two shirting fabrics, so they're good for making everyday casual shirts. Typically woven with heavier yarns, Pinpoint Oxford is a durable material that feels great on the skin.  

Herringbone shirts are favoured for the characteristic V-shaped chevron weave, that resembles the bones of a herring fish. The higher the thread count, the smoother and silkier the shirting fabric will be.  

Purposes of shirting fabric 

Shirting fabric is not only for making shirts, despite the name, as they're incredibly popular for dressmaking and blouses.  


Because there are so many different choices when it comes to shirting fabric, there are also many properties associated with them. Benefits come from factors such as ply count and thread count, producing different textures and overall handle. When the yarn is spun, it's better to spin 2 yarns together in order to create a more resilient fabric. Textile experts agree that 2 ply is best for shirting fabric as it's breathable, lightweight and still durable, however you can also have 3 ply and 4 ply. 

Here are some of the favourite properties for shirting fabric: 

  • Shirting fabrics with synthetic fibres are less prone to crinkling whilst being worn. 
  • Shirting fabrics with higher twist count are less prone to pilling. 
  • Smooth surface 
  • Can be structured or relaxed, depending on fabric used 
  • Comfortable 

Advantages of shirting fabric 

Shirting fabrics have so many advantages, you just need to ensure you choose the right one for the intended occasion. Linen shirts are perfect for warmer climates, as the finer yarns allow your skin to breathe. Fabrics for shirt making like Twill are more structured and fitting, ideal for professional attire. Substantial and soft, these textiles are designed to feel great and look smart. From casual everyday wear to silkier, more elegant shirt fabrics such as the Herringbone weave, you can dress to impress at all times with custom printed shirting fabric.