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Custom Cosplay Fabric

Get your cosplay fabric printed online. Different fabrics from silks and cottons to stretchy scuba and lycras. Get inspired with this Cosplay fabric guide and start designing your own cosplay materials.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

4.6/5 from 1600+ independent 3rd party reviews

1-2 Days Production
1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

Exclusive Discounts
Exclusive Discounts

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Speedy delivery
Speedy delivery

Quick delivery within 2-5 days once shipped

Silk Sensation

Silk alternative. Solid, plain closed weave. Shiny face, matt reverse. 90gsm. Slight stretch. Nice drape. Clothes, accessories.

View all Silk Sensation

Cotton Satin

100% natural cotton satin weave. 172gsm. Smooth face with matt finish. Reflects & absorbs the light. Crisp and cool to touch. Ideal for elegant princess or historical cosplay.

View all Cotton Satin

Real Silk Satin

100% real silk. Smooth, shiny, flowing drape. Elegant, princess, historical. Natural sheen to face, luxury handle. Clothing, scarves etc.

View all Real Silk Satin

Duchess Satin

Tightly woven poly. Smooth, glossy sateen face, matt structured backing. Opaque, 200gsm. Ideal for fashion, furnishings. Ideal for elegant princess or historical cosplay.

View all Duchess Satin

Faux Leather

PVC face, poly back. 700gsm. Textured, leather effect face. Ideal for warrior armour and historical cosplay!

View all Faux Leather

Heavy Lycra Matte

92% poly, 8% elastane. Thick stretchy power Lycra, 250gsm. Soft, smooth.  Ideal for superheroes or sporty cosplay.

View all Heavy Lycra Matte

Slinky Lycra

82% poly, 18% lycra. Medium weight, soft, 4-way stretch. 210gsm. Slinky and smooth. Ideal for superheroes or sporty cosplay.

View all Slinky Lycra


Silky, sheer and light. 40gsm. Soft woven poly. Semi-transparent with strong contrast print. Good natural drape. Accessories.

View all Chiffon

Marbled Velvet

Stunning pile. Dappled effect adds movement & depth. Shiny face reflects the light. 220gsm. Garments, apparel, clothes. Ideal for elegant princess or historical cosplay.

View all Marbled Velvet

Lycra Soft Sheen

85% poly, 15% elastane. Resists abrasion. Moisture-wicking. Figure-hugging. Ideal for superheroes or sporty cosplay.

View all Lycra Soft Sheen

Power Net Fabric

Knitted tulle mesh fabric. Fray resistant, lightweight, 60gsm. Delicate fluid drape, super stretchy. Tent linings, outer garments

View all Power Net Fabric

Pima Lawn 100% Cotton

100% cotton. Light, airy and smooth on the skin. Super light, 75gsm. Nice drape, flows beautifully. Use for clothes, furnishings.

View all Pima Lawn 100% Cotton


Transparent, sheer, light yet firm fabric. Refined net quality. Very light, 40gsm. Embellishments, curtains, interfacing.

View all Organza

Softshell Jersey

A great multi-use fabric. Perfect for costumes where you need to keep warm. Produces a great print with fine detaling.

View all Softshell Jersey

Plush Velvet

Stretchy, sumptuous & warm. 250gsm. Water absorbent. Bold clear colours. Ideal for elegant princess or historical cosplay.

View all Plush Velvet

Lycra Matt

90% poly, 10% elastane. Soft, elastic, matt. 140gsm. Bouncy, lively, smooth drape. Ideal for hotpants, bandeaus, cosplay.

View all Lycra Matt


Lightweight. Ideal for elegant, princess and historical based cosplay. Crisp with a shimmery finish, a popular cosplay material.

View all Taffeta


Heavyweight weft-knitted Lycra. 274gsm. 4-way stretch. Natural flowing drape. Ideal for superheroes or sporty cosplay.

View all Scuba


Knitted poly face backed onto spongy, thick Neoprene. 1000gsm, opaque. Water absorbent, thermal insulator. Good for wetsuits.

View all Neoprene

Crushed Velour

Knitted, stretchy poly based fabric. 245gsm. Soft, short plush pile, shimmery face. Ideal for modern and extravagant cosplay.

View all Crushed Velour

Rox Sports Jersey

Weft knitted sports jersey, which is smooth and flat. Breathable fabric at 250gsm, ideal for use in cosplay garments.

View all Rox Sports Jersey

Loop Back Jersey

A solid textile, weighing 250 gsm. When light shines through from behind the imagery shows through and is beautifully soft.

View all Loop Back Jersey

Scuba Crepe

Heavyweight knitted Lycra. 290gsm. Textured "crepe" face. Smooth back. 4-way stretch. Great recovery and drape. White base.

View all Scuba Crepe

Airflow Light Sport Stretch

Woven pique knit. Characteristic airflow holes. Soft, breathable, cool. Flawless print. 140gsm. Running gear, sportswear.

View all Airflow Light Sport Stretch

Loose Knit Jersey

5% elastane, interesting random pattern knit, homespun effect, 185gsm. Multi-use, stretchy and ideal for cosplay.

View all Loose Knit Jersey

Slub Jersey

140gsm, fashionable, slub construction, weft-knitted, strong colours. Multi-use, stretchy and ideal for cosplay.

View all Slub Jersey

Transfer Paper

Ideal for dye sub fabric. Ready to heat press. No need to mirror designs. Recommended for 85%+ polyester fabric or substrate.

View all Transfer Paper

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What are cosplay fabrics?

Cosplay is a shortened term of 2 words; costume and play. It is a performance art, likely to have originated in Japan, where cosplayers wear specific costumes and accessories to represent a character from Anime, Manga, video games or other visual media. A lot of cosplayers make their own cosplay clothing, and this is where cosplay fabric comes in.

There is a wealth of cosplay materials available, so much so, that a cosplay fabric guide is often required.

Some popular examples include:

  • Scuba fabric
  • Lycra
  • Neoprene
  • Jersey
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Twill weaves
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Organza
  • Velvet
  • Mesh

How are they manufactured?

Cosplay fabrics are available online with a wide variety to choose from. Each fabric is manufactured slightly differently, and there are synthetic fabrics and natural textiles to choose from.

The different weights cosplay fabrics come in makes a difference to the manufacturing process. Natural fabrics such as cotton or silk are made by taking substances and breaking them down into fibres which are then spun into yarns. Hand or machine can do this. Synthetic fabrics are made by using chemicals and other substances to create fibres, which are then turned into yarns to create the fabric.

Blended fabrics; when natural and synthetic fibres are blended, comprises of a combination of both methods.

Purposes of cosplay fabrics

The main purpose of these textiles is to create cosplay clothing. Costumes are usually elaborate and imaginative, with different fabrics needed to represent different elements of the costume. From well-loved, everyday fabrics such as jersey and cotton to more contemporary and eclectic textiles, such as neoprene and scuba, these fabrics can be used together to create captivating and bespoke cosplay costumes.


Many different fabrics favoured in the cosplay world, thanks to their varying properties. Certain materials work best for some costumes, whereas others are preferred for detailing. From the most popular cosplay fabrics, their properties can include:
  1. Lycracomes in several weights, very stretchy, form-fitting, easy to work with
  2. Neoprenethick and spongy, comes in different thicknesses, looks striking, black-out
  3. Silknatural fabric, luxurious, has a natural sheen, beautiful drape
  4. Velvetsoft and luxurious handle, comes in different styles, has depth, sturdy
  5. Linenrustic, natural, durable – great for creating cloaks
  6. Cottonnatural, breathable, comes in different weights, great for several end uses
  7. Satinsmooth, silky, fluid handle and drape
  8. Scubaslightly less thick than Neoprene, flexible, durable, contemporary

Advantages of cosplay fabrics

Because it can sometimes be a challenge to purchase readymade cosplay costumes in stores, printing cosplay fabrics online has become increasingly popular. You can find a plethora of cosplay materials online which can cater to most requirements.

By ordering cosplay fabrics online, you have the advantage of being able to create anything. Making your own cosplay costume may save you a lot of money and it will also highlight your talent and creativity.