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Custom Suit Fabric

Design the perfect suit with the suit fabric selection. Whether you're after a dazzling suit for a formal event or a casual suit for a Summer BBQ, find the ideal fabric for you with the guide below.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

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1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

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Exclusive Discounts

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Speedy delivery

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Archway Brushed Twill

<p>A soft brushed fabric with a muted white base. Strong, durable 290gsm weight. Bright vivid colours. Ideal for light clothing.</p>

View all Archway Brushed Twill


Thick fabric made of spun chenille yarn, textured, 330 gsm. Durable and hardy, ideal for clothing.

View all Chenille

Cotton Twill

100% cotton with twill weave. Breathable, natural fabric. High thread count, very soft. Perfect for garment making.

View all Cotton Twill

Cotton Linen

Natural cotton and linen blend, with a textured feel. Smooth and cool to touch, 228 gsm. Great for clothing and interiors.

View all Cotton Linen

Dorchester Weave

A linen-look fabric, 231 gsm, mesh-like quality. Soft, no elasticity. Ideal for crafts and homeware.

View all Dorchester Weave

Trafalgar Twill

A woven, poly-based material for a cotton look fabric. Fairly heavyweight at 274 gsm, printed to order.

View all Trafalgar Twill

Bull Denim

A pure cotton durable textile, heavyweight 400 gsm. Firm, great for upholstery, bags and thicker clothing.

View all Bull Denim

Velvet Shimmer

A luxurious velvet fabric, super soft and opulent. Short pile and dense, durable.

View all Velvet Shimmer

Mayfair Herringbone

A poly-blend fabric with a soft, cotton feel weighing 269 gsm. Perfect for crafts and accessories.

View all Mayfair Herringbone

Organic Half-Panama Cotton

A rustic 100% organic cotton, unbleached with natural colour. Opaque and soft, 250 gsm.

View all Organic Half-Panama Cotton

10oz Denim

10oz Denim, bright white base. Taut and tightly woven. Soft yet strong, durable fabric. Great for dressmaking and other garments.

View all 10oz Denim

Ponte Jersey

260gsm stretch fabric. Thick luxurious feel perfect for fitted and semi-fitted jackets, pencil skirts and more.

View all Ponte Jersey

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What is Suit Fabric?

Suit fabric is any fabric that can be used to design and create a suit. The fabric of your suit can affect the way it hangs, feels and looks, so be sure to consider the style of suit you want to create. Lighter fabrics are ideal for Summer or more casual outfits, and heavier materials are perfect for warmer Winter wear, or formal occasions. By designing suit fabrics online, you’ll begin to understand the aesthetics of your suit and get a sense of your particular needs.

A huge variety of fabrics can be used to create suits, including both organic, natural materials and synthetic ones. Certain fabrics will suit some body types better than others – the texture and weight of your preferred material will determine the final feel and look of the product, and whether it can be worn for work or pleasure – or both.

Popular suit fabrics include:

  • Silk Satin - 100% natural silk, lightweight fabric made of a satin weave.
  • Velvet Shimmer - soft and luxurious to the touch, short pile and durable with a sheen.
  • Archway - a fabric with a slight grain and still super soft to the touch.
  • Chenille - a fairly thick fabric with a soft textured finish, hardy and durable.
  • Cotton Twill Stretch - a breathable weave, soft and light to the touch.
  • Cotton Linen - a natural blend with slight elasticity, smooth.
  • Dorchester Weave - a textured fabric with a soft sheen, firm and soft.
  • Half-Panama - a rustic cotton with flecks of seeds, ideal for light jackets.
  • Haverstock - a linen-look fabric, slightly firmer and stronger, very breathable.
  • Mayfair Herringbone - a poly blend which is soft to the touch, similar to cotton.
  • Sara Linen Blend - 10% linen and 90% polyester, with a natural ochre colour.
  • Trafalgar - this solid fabric has a matt finish and soft feel, and allows some light to shine through.
  • 100% Linen - an all-natural fabric, with a rustic finish. Breathable and light.
  • Bull Denim - a heavy pure cotton fabric, yet warm and gentle on the skin.
  • Dobby Canvas - heavy-weight cotton with a surface texture, and a smooth reverse.

How is it manufactured?

Each suit fabric is manufactured differently, depending on what fibres it’s made of and whether it is natural or synthetic. Natural fabrics are woven from all-natural materials, whereas synthetic fabrics often go through a chemical process to produce the yarns.

Purposes of Suit Fabric?

Suit fabrics primary purpose is to create a high quality, comfortable suit, whether this is a classic two-piece jacket and trousers, a simple jacket worn with some jeans, or a three-piece including a waistcoat for some extra flair. It’s important that you find your suit fabric comfortable to the touch, as generally you’ll be wearing it for at least a few hours – if not all day - at work, or throughout an event or formal occasion. Velvet and silk satin are soft to the touch and feel luxurious against the skin, however have an added element of elegance so are more suited to dazzling events or party wear.

Linen is a lighter option and feels comfortable to wear, however oozes a more casual vibe which is perfect for a family brunch or beach wedding. Try the Haverstock, Sara Linen Blend or Dorchester Weave linens for slightly heavier blend options.

For a middle ground which is perfect for the office or any formal occasion, cotton is an excellent versatile suit fabric. Cotton twill stretch is perfect for slim fit suits due to the stretch. You can buy your suit fabric by the metre to get custom measurements and tailor your suit to you.

For a simple boating jacket or to add some extra style to a casual look, try bull denim or dobby canvas for a comfortable yet breathable jacket. These fabrics will keep you warm and still allow air to pass through, and are perfect for giving your designs a rustic look.

Consider where you’ll be wearing your suit, and what time of year you’ll be wearing it. Certain fabrics are much more breathable than others, and will retain warmth at different rates. Linen is known for being much cooler and perfect for the Summer, and along with cotton has maximum breathability. If you’ll be wearing your suit during the Winter, opt for a thicker cotton for added warmth.

Some of the all-natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton twill, will have a slightly muted white base tone which could affect the colours of your natural print. The flax in the linen fabric may make your design colours come out slightly less vibrant, however it adds a rustic charm to the print.


Suit fabric properties can vary hugely. From luxurious and decadent super soft suits, to lighter and more casual items. These are the top categories that suit fabrics fall under:


  • Usually pure fabrics, such as silk
  • Very soft to the touch
  • Feel comfortable against the skin
  • Regulate temperature well
  • Suitable for formal events/parties
  • Shows off your designs beautifully
  • Velvet, Silk, Cashmere

Work Wear

  • Slightly firmer fabrics
  • Great for everyday wear and tear
  • Still maintains a classic style
  • Can be worn for work and formal wear
  • Very breathable
  • Have more of a structure than silk fabrics
  • Perfect for frequent use
  • Cotton, wool


  • Very soft and light to wear
  • Very breathable
  • Perfect for warmer weather
  • More casual, e.g. for beach weddings or BBQS
  • Can crinkle easily
  • Comfy and cosy, yet still durable
  • Linen, lighter cotton

Advantages of Suit Fabric

One of the best things about suit fabrics is that each fabric has a huge range of advantages, and most of them are breathable and comfortable to wear. Think about when you’ll be wearing your suit, the occasion, the time of year and whether the fabric will suit your body type. Will you be wearing your suit multiple times? Every day? Or just for special occasions? Each finish has a unique look, so make sure you choose the best material to make the perfect suit for you.