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Custom Trouser Fabric


Browse the range of trouser fabrics to design and create that perfect pair of trousers. Whether you're after a formal pair for work or an event, looking for something casual for the Summer or want trouser material that will brave the elements, we make and design every fabric onsite. With fast delivery.

What is Trouser Fabric?

Trouser fabric refers to any materials that can be used to make a pair of trousers. You can choose from a huge range of fabrics, depending on the style, finish, texture you want your trousers to have.

The suitability of your trouser material is dependent on when, where and how frequently you’ll be wearing the garment. Lighter trouser fabrics are perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons where thickness and heat retention aren’t necessary, and a light, breathable fabric would create the perfect pair of everyday Summer trousers. Other fabrics will be more suited to Winter wear where warmth is essential, or you may be looking for the perfect pair of formal trousers for the office.

A wide variety of fabrics can be used to design trousers, including both natural materials and synthetic ones. The weight and texture of the fabric will also suit certain body types over others, and determine the final look and feel of the product.

Popular trouser fabrics include:

  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Velvet
  • Satin
  • Wool
  • Denim
  • Jersey
  • Crepe

How is it manufactured?

Trouser fabrics are manufactured differently depending on the fibres they’re created from. Trouser materials are generally woven in different ways to create unique textures, constructs and levels of transparency. Natural trouser fabrics are created using organic or all-natural yarns, however synthetic fabrics are created using chemical materials and processes.

Purposes of Trouser Fabric?

The primary purpose of trouser fabric is to create a comfortable, high-quality pair of trousers, whether you’re after a formal pair for a party or work, or for casual everyday clothing.

It’s important that your trousers are weather or season appropriate, as you’ll likely be wearing them for most, if not all, of the day. For colder climates it’s best to opt for a material that will retain heat well, and has extra thickness to keep breezy winds at bay. A thicker woven canvas, corduroy or even a waterproof material will help protect you against the elements.  

Remember that you’ll want your trousers to feel comfortable against the skin, so a silk blend or 100% genuine silk could be a stylish – and comfortable option – for a more formal look. The fibres retain heat as well as being breathable, so they’re versatile and ideal for transitioning from day to night in style. Silk is a particularly flattering fabric and looks great on most body types.

Linen is ideal for a classic, casual Summer look and is perfect for those warmer days, with a light, airy feel and maximum breathability. Consider how long you’ll be wearing the trousers for, and what you’ll be doing. Will you be walking lots and need stretch and flexibility? Will you be in a warm office, sat down for most of the day? Or will you be busting some moves on a dazzling dancefloor?


Every trouser fabric has its own properties, however they can generally be assorted into three main categories to choose from.

For Warmer Days:

  • Lightweight, airy fabrics
  • Breathable
  • More casual look
  • Comfortable against the skin
  • Linen, cotton, silk, crepe

For Cooler/Wet Days:

  • Extra warmth
  • Durable
  • Thick
  • Retains heat well
  • Breathable
  • Moisture wicking or absorbent
  • Waterproof
  • Velour, Twill, Denim, Wool


  • Comfortable
  • Formal and stylish
  • Breathable
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Silk, Velvet

Advantages of Trouser Fabric

One of the best things about trouser fabric is that most materials are very versatile, and can be worn on a variety of different occasions and settings. Make sure you choose a fabric that feels comfortable to you, and if in doubt you can try a sample pack to get a first-hand feel of every material.