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Custom Craft Fabric

When embarking on your next craft or DIY project, you need to consider which craft fabric to use. Read the guide on these useful, versatile, and gorgeous fabrics and take your pick.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

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1-2 Days Production
1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

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Exclusive Discounts

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Speedy delivery

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Poly Felt

Custom felt. Synthetic fibre bled. Non-woven fibre board. Solid and durable. Taut all over. Matte finish. 1mm board 180gsm.

View all Poly Felt

Woven Canvas

Hardy and durable. Excellent colour and print detail. Tightly woven fabric. Great for crafts and homeware.

View all Woven Canvas

Gaia Eco Woven

Soft woven fabric. Made from 100% recycled materials. Eco-friendly. Plain weave with a textured face. 260gsm in weight.

View all Gaia Eco Woven

Monroe Satin

Sateen face twill poly-blend. Medium weight. Fluid drape. Shiny and smooth. Tightly woven. Ideal for crafting and lining.

View all Monroe Satin


Heavyweight 700gsm. Soft polyester back and PVC face. Textured leather effect. Fire rated. Excellent print quality.

View all Leatherette

Silk Impression

Poly-blend alternative to silk. Smooth and shiny. Semi-transparent effect. Slight shimmer and good drape. 41gsm.

View all Silk Impression

Suede Vision

Soft, faux suede fabric. Non-fray. Matte finish. Strong and taut. Fire rated. Ideal for crafting and lining. 250gsm.

View all Suede Vision


Tight and closed construct. Solid and durable. Waterproof fabric that doesn't fray. Lightweight at 65gsm. Smooth and stiff.

View all Ripstop

Polar Fleece

Super soft, thick and warm. Solid fabric with a plain weave. 4-way stretch. Durable and fray-proof. Plush weight at 285gsm.

View all Polar Fleece


Thick, spongy and smooth. Heavyweight fabric at 1000gsm. Separate knitted poly face. Tight knit construct. Ideal for crafting.

View all Neoprene

Volando Voile

Lightweight and sheer. Fine open, plain weave. Poly-blend with a shiny face. Mesh-like. Weighing 52gsm.

View all Volando Voile

Poly Georgette

Durable and strong. Strong colour reproduction. Excellent alternative to real silk. Lightweight and soft. 65gsm.

View all Poly Georgette

Crushed Velour

Knitted, poly-based. Highly stretchy. Fine, mesh-like build. Retains heat well. Shiny face. Heavy weight 245gsm.

View all Crushed Velour

Chain Jersey

Pique knit. Poly-blend jersey. Open knit, breathable, very soft. Stretchy and matte. Heavyweight 255gsm.

View all Chain Jersey

Blossom Lace

Delicate English lace fabric with floral pattern. Ideal for lining, bridal or wedding crafts.

View all Blossom Lace

Marbled Velvet

Medium weight 220gsm. Super soft and sumptuous. Dense short pile. Stunning marbled effect. Reflects light. Smooth and soft.

View all Marbled Velvet

Velvet Shimmer

Beautiful shimmering face. 371gsm. Soft and luxurious. Short, dense pile. Exceptional print quality. Strong and durable.

View all Velvet Shimmer

Plush Velvet

Stretch fabric. Heavyweight 250gsm. Brushed face. Poly blend. Thick and warm. Tightly woven. Durable and water absorbent.

View all Plush Velvet


Woven, poly-blend. Soft, cotton feel. Tight closed weave. Textured face. Heavy weight 269gsm. Solid and matte.

View all Herringbone

Archway Twill

Opaque twill. Spun poly-based yarns. Tight, solid fabric. Brushed face. Subtle grain. Heavy and strong. 290gsm.

View all Archway Twill

Blackout Fabric

A fabric which doesn't let any light through. This taut fabric is non-stretch and non-fray, perfect for crafting and lining.

View all Blackout Fabric

Speaker Fabric

Soft, woven poly. Pique knit. Open weave construction. Mesh-like quality. Medium weight. 140gsm. Breathable and stretchy.

View all Speaker Fabric

Slub Jersey

Soft with a unique texture. Matte finish and construction which mimics linen. Stretchy so ideal for advanced crafting.

View all Slub Jersey

Scroll Paper

Non-woven. Poly based. Does not fray or crease. Hardwearing. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Paper like handle. 120gsm.

View all Scroll Paper

Loose-Knit Jersey

Unique jersey fabric with a homespun aesthetic. Interesting construction with uneven knit, stretchy so ideal for advanced crafts.

View all Loose-Knit Jersey


A stiff, matte fabric which is waterproof and wipe clean. Smooth surface, no stretch. Ideal for beginners, perfect for crafting.

View all Oilcloth


Super lightweight with a stiff handle. Semi-transparent and ideal for bridal and wedding applications as well as crafting.

View all Organza

Quilted Jersey

A poly-blend quilted jersey which is soft and has a unique quilted diamond stamp design. Stretchy, ideal for advanced crafting.

View all Quilted Jersey


Lightweight with a stiff handle, this non-stretch material with a shiny surface is great for crafting applications.

View all Taffeta


Pure cotton. Tough and hard wearing. Diagonal drill weave. Heavyweight. Tightly woven and taut. Firm handle.

View all Denim

Cotton Calico

Versatile. Light and comfortable. Medium weight 152gsm. Soft and taut. Semi-transparent and matte.

View all Cotton Calico

Cotton Twill

100% cotton with distinct twill weave. Breathable and soft. Natural fabric. High thread count. Non-stretch and matte. 213gsm.

View all Cotton Twill

Stiff Translucent

Poly woven fabric. Acrylic coating. Slight waxy surface. Strong and firm. Non-fray. Medium weight 220gsm. Structured.

View all Stiff Translucent

Needlepoint Tapestry

4 counts of needlepoint tapestry; 10, 12, 14 and Aida 14 count. Stiff poly-cotton tapestry fabric. Customise your own dimensions.

View all Needlepoint Tapestry

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What is craft fabric?

Craft fabric is a general term for fabrics and textiles that can be used for craft projects. As there are so many kinds of DIY and craft projects, there are also a plethora of craft fabrics available to make them with.

When considering what fabric is right for you, you need to understand the project you are undertaking. Fabrics can have very different characteristics, ranging from weight and composition to yarn and structure.

It is important to take your time when choosing the right fabric for the job. Sturdier fabrics such as cotton and canvas will work for hardier jobs, while more delicate fabrics such as lace or Georgette will require a gentler hand and a project that is less handled. 

Popular choices for craft fabric:

  1. Denim
  2. Felt
  3. Cotton
  4. Canvas
  5. Twill
  6. Fleece
  7. Velvet
  8. Jersey
  9. Velour
  10. Neoprene

How is it manufactured?

Each craft fabric is made and manufactured using a different process. Some fabrics are knitted, such as neoprene and lace, while others are woven, such as satin and fleece. The manufacturing process makes a big difference to the fabric’s strength, construction, and handle.

You will also find that some craft fabric is made with man made yarns, while others are made with natural fibres; cotton and linen being good examples of this. There are also those fabrics which are made with yarns consisting of a combination of man made and natural fibres. These fabrics can have the best of both worlds; the beauty of a natural fabric with the durability and ease of care of a synthetic.

Purposes of craft fabric

Crafting and DIY have grown so much in popularity over the years, and this trend continues to grow. As such, people have been using more and more textiles for craft fabric to complete their projects. Crafting can range from anything from making your own bags, to creating baby clothes, to making soft furnishings – and pretty much anything in between. The purpose of craft fabric is to help creatives make their ideal DIY projects, using exciting and interesting textiles.


Different fabrics provide a range of textures, weights, handles, and finishes, and each one has their own distinct characteristics. Here is a list of some of the most popular craft fabrics and their properties:

  • Cottonsoft, lightweight, and thin: great for patchwork projects and light garments
  • Feltstrong and soft, varies in thickness: doesn’t fray when cut, great for kid’s craft
  • Denimstrong and sturdy with a twill weave: great for upholstery and home décor
  • Fleecestrong, soft, and lightweight: perfect for blankets, jumpers, and hats
  • Canvasstrong woven fabric both solid and durable: great for making bags and accessories
  • Neopreneheavyweight, thick and spongy: use for home décor, outerwear and stationary
  • Velvetwoven fabric with a dense pile: smooth and soft, ideal for home décor, wall hangings and more
  • Velourhighly stretchy, soft and shiny: beautiful and shimmery and ideal for home décor and soft furnishings

Advantages of craft fabric

When you create your own craft fabric, you have the unique advantage of choosing the perfect fabric for your project, as well as the design, pattern orientation and the size. These kinds of fabrics are versatile and interesting and will help push your DIY project to the next level.