Custom Lingerie Fabric/16

Make your own lingerie at home using these gorgeous fabrics. From sultry satin to comfortable jersey, these lingerie fabrics have all the best properties you'd want from your undergarments.

What is lingerie fabric?  

Lingerie fabric can range from floaty, luxurious fabrics such as Lucent Satin, Organza and Florence Net, to the more practical and cosy fabrics like Mulmul, Cotton Satin and Jersey. They are all designed to feel delicate and smooth against your skin, draping where they ought to drape and fitting your form how they should. Lingerie fabric is used to make everyday undergarments such as bras and knickers, to the more playful, flirty numbers such as babydolls, chemises and corsets. Many lingerie textiles are recognised for their lacey, feminine qualities that help flatter and accentuate a woman's features, whilst still offering the support and shaping you'd expect from underwear.  

Popular lingerie materials include:  

There's so many types of lingerie fabrics, each with their own individual properties, some of the most popular are:   

  • Florence Net 
  • Flora Lace 
  • Lace Lucille 
  • Monroe Satin 
  • Real Silk Satin 
  • Organza 
  • Crochet Lace 

How are they manufactured?   

Each lingerie fabric is manufactured in its own way, resulting in different surface textures, handle and weight. Yarns used can be natural or manmade, and can be woven or knitted in different construct, producing varying levels of transparency or opaqueness. Synthethic fabrics are created using chemical processes, whereas natural fabrics, like the real silk satin, are made using 100% natural yarns. Textiles used for making lingerie range from knitted lace to woven satins, that have a brilliant shine and lustrous surface, created by floating several warp yarns across the weft before going under 1 weft thread.  

Typically, lingerie fabric should have a certain amount of stretch in order to make the wearer stay comfortable, however fabrics such as organza can be used in lingerie applique for an extra feminine touch. 

Purposes of lingerie material  

Lingerie fabrics are of course predominantly used for making women's undergarments, for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Lingerie material should be comfortable, accentuate the figure and make the wearer feel good. Here's some examples of lingerie garments you can make using these specialist fabrics: 

  • Classic Slip – A classic slip underneath a bodycon dress gives you a flawless silhouette and definition in your shape.   
  • Babydoll – Sexy with a flattering cut, it adds excitement to your evening routine.   
  • Romper Suit – The playsuit style romper is the perfect compromise if you want to feel glam and also just want to chill out.   
  • Lace Bodysuit – Wear alone or team with a pair of jeans for a demure evening outfit.   
  • Robe – Whether it’s made from a sultry silk satin or a warming jersey knit, the robe is an essential part of your lingerie collection.


Because there are so many different choices when it comes to lingerie fabric, there are also many properties associated with them. Here are just a few favourites:   

  • Breathable – you don't want heavy, stiff underwear that suffocates the skin, so the fabrics used to make lingerie are delicate to touch, breathable and light. Many of them have open net-like constructs, allowing air to escape and enter.  
  • Textured – materials for lingerie are often textured, such as lace, to add an element of drama and sensuality.  
  • Elasticity – it's important to be able to move freely, so there should be some degree of elasticity to lingerie fabrics. Any taut materials can be used for applique and decoration, or to create frilly borders. Stretchy fabrics are form fitting, which is ideal when wearing tight fitting clothes.  
  • Sheer – sheer fabrics are ideal to use for making lingerie, as they’re fun and flirty and often have a fluid drape. There's varying degrees of transparency, however all sheer fabrics will be transparent. Sheer fabrics are super lightweight and delicate, and ones like Florence Net are also strong and durable.  

Advantages of lingerie fabric   

There's so many advantages of the various lingerie fabrics, allowing you to look good and feel good in your body. Soft, stretchy and light, they're practical to wear as daily garments and underneath clothes, and also lacey, sheer and textured, some lingerie materials are also designed to be seen. From lace corsets and sheer chemises to stretchy pants and form fitting body suits, lingerie fabric is perfectly suited to making your practical and sensual undergarments.