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Custom Woven Fabric

What is woven fabric? Fabrics are either woven or knitted, and woven fabric examples, such as silk, chiffon and taffeta, are some of the finest and most elegant fabrics in the world. Find out more about them here.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

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1-2 Days Production
1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

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Exclusive Discounts

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Speedy delivery

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Paris Chiffon

Silky, sheer and light. 40gsm. Soft woven poly. Semi-transparent with strong contrast print. Good natural drape. Curtains, drapes.

View all Paris Chiffon

Pima Lawn 100% Cotton

100% cotton. Light, airy and smooth on the skin. Super light, 75gsm. Nice drape, flows beautifully. Use for clothes, furnishings.

View all Pima Lawn 100% Cotton

Fashion Crepe

Lightweight, soft, double-faced, stretchy. 150gsm. Distinct textured crepe handle. Bold white base. Perfect for dressmaking.

View all Fashion Crepe

Peached Poly Sheeting

Strong woven peached poly sheeting. 130gsm. Feels like cotton. Smooth, anti-wrinkle with a subtle sheen.

View all Peached Poly Sheeting

Portobello Canvas

Semi-transparent, durable canvas. Solid structure, even texture. Off-white base tone. 250gsm. Ideal for cushions, throws, crafts.

View all Portobello Canvas

Crystal Voile Cotton Silk

Expertly woven using single yarns on the wrap and the weft.

View all Crystal Voile Cotton Silk

Real Silk Satin

100% real silk. Smooth, shiny, flowing drape. Natural sheen to face, luxury handle. Clothing, scarves etc.

View all Real Silk Satin

Silk Impression

Woven silk alternative. Shimmery poly face, semi-transparent. Soft & cool on the skin. Clothing, linings, garments. 41gsm

View all Silk Impression

Soft Velvet

Elegant, short pile. Super sharp print quality. Gorgeous drape. 280gsm. Soft print quality. Cushions, linings, interiors.

View all Soft Velvet

Velvet Shimmer

Soft with reinforced woven back. Slightly stiff, holds shape well. Shimmery face. 371gsm. Ideal for upholstery, quilting, bedding.

View all Velvet Shimmer

Lino 100% Linen

Plain weave linen with slub yarns and bobbled texture.

View all Lino 100% Linen

Silk Crepe de Chine

Indulge in our 100% silk crepe de chine fabric, perfect for summer garments and sensual nightwear.

View all Silk Crepe de Chine

Oilcloth Matte

100% cotton half panama with crease free matte face. Slight sheen. Waterproof. 274gsm. Bike covers, rain jackets, tablecloths.

View all Oilcloth Matte

Summer Breeze Viscose

Design your own viscose fabric to use for clothing.

View all Summer Breeze Viscose

Wool Silk Fabric

Enjoy our luxurious wool silk fabric, custom printed with your designs.

View all Wool Silk Fabric

Vea Organic Cotton Satin

This satin weave organic cotton has a shiny face.

View all Vea Organic Cotton Satin

Cosmic Warp Satin

This satin weave is heavy and with a shiny face and matte back.

View all Cosmic Warp Satin

Canvas 500

Thick poly-based canvas with a tight weave. Stiff, matt, opaque. 500gsm. Subtle, smooth face. Multiple end uses.

View all Canvas 500

Archway Brushed Twill

Diamond twill, soft brushed face. Off white base. Heavy, strong, textured. 290gsm. Bold vivid colours. Cushions, crafts etc.

View all Archway Brushed Twill

Canvas 300

Thick poly based canvas with tight weave. Stiff, matt, opaque. 300gsm. Subtle, smooth face. Ideal for ground sheets, sails.

View all Canvas 300


Classic chenille fabric, soft & strong. Textured caterpillar pile. 330gsm. Water absorbent, resists abrasion. Interior furnishings.

View all Chenille

Cotton Satin

100% natural cotton satin weave. 172gsm. Smooth face with matt finish. Reflects & absorbs the light. Crisp and cool to touch.

View all Cotton Satin

Cotton Twill

100% natural cotton. 200gsm. Smooth and soft face with a matt reverse. Easy to handle. Very tight twill weave, locks in heat.

View all Cotton Twill

Crepe de Chine

Classic crepe face, beautiful drape, lightweight, 85gsm, elegant and strong, excellent print and colour reproduction, taut.

View all Crepe de Chine

Organic Cotton Poplin

100% Janice poplin organic cotton weave 135gsm. Authentic slubbing effect. Cream base with no stretch. Ideal for making shirts.

View all Organic Cotton Poplin

Volando Voile

Sheer finish, very fine open weave. Super lightweight, 52gsm. Shiny, semi transparent with natural, flowing drape. Great for curtains.

View all Volando Voile

Voille de Ville

Stiff, non-fray, splash-proof woven poly. 120gsm. Delicate net texture with shiny face. Ideal for furnishings, curtains, flags.

View all Voille de Ville

Poly Twill

Very strong and durable. 200gsm. 2/2 poly blend twill weave. Smooth, structured, slightly textured. Upholstery, home interiors.

View all Poly Twill

Trafalgar Twill

Woven, cotton twill look. Matt finish and soft feel. Very fine brushed surface. Stiff firm handle, 274gsm. Upholstery, furnishings.

View all Trafalgar Twill


Soft and Tender Terry Towelling. Woven pile, water absorbent. Thick, matt, fluffy face. 350gsm. Perfect for towels, bathrobes.

View all Towelling


Classic taffeta. Smooth, crisp surface with lustrous sheen. Good strength and slightly stiff. 90gsm. Shimmery finish.

View all Taffeta

Suede Vision

Woven poly, faux suede face, synthetic rubber back. 250gsm. Non-fray, smooth handle. Fire rated for home furnishings.

View all Suede Vision

Silk Sensation

Silk alternative. Solid, plain closed weave. Shiny face, matt reverse. 90gsm. Slight stretch. Nice drape. Bedding, furnishings.

View all Silk Sensation


Classic Ripstop, strengthened square grid structure. Semi-transparent, waterproof. 65gsm. Kites, parachutes, yacht sails, flags.

View all Ripstop

Poly Georgette

Twisted poly yarns, classic crepe face. Transparent. Floaty, stunning drape. 65gsm. Punchy, bold colours. Soft furnishings, curtains.

View all Poly Georgette

Panama Flo

Lightweight poly-blend. 150gsm. Half panama, durable weave. Solid with a slight spring. Soft, matt, opaque. Water resistant.

View all Panama Flo


Transparent, sheer, light yet firm fabric. Refined net quality. Very light, 40gsm. Embellishments, curtains, interfacing.

View all Organza

Linden Waterproof

Tough, & sturdy. 120gsm. Non-fray, crisp to touch, subtle sheen. Waterproof, windproof. Make raincoats, windbreakers, awnings

View all Linden Waterproof

Nautica Peached Splash Proof

Lightweight poly, peached face. Tough, taut, zero stretch. 172gsm. Bright white base. Splash proof. Beach, yachting friendly.

View all Nautica Peached Splash Proof

Mulmul Soft Muslin

Soft, cotton-like touch with added durability from poly fibres. Lightweight, 55gsm. Open set net-like weave similar to cheesecloth.

View all Mulmul Soft Muslin

Monroe Satin

Smooth sateen faced twill with a slight shine and fluid drape. 160gsm. Durable, taut, good for bags, garments, bedding, quilts.

View all Monroe Satin

Mayfair Herringbone Weave

Durable poly-blend. Distinctive herringbone weave, textured. Feels like cotton, 269gsm. Cream base tone. Use for furnishings.

View all Mayfair Herringbone Weave

Lucent Satin

Lightweight double faced sateen. 120gsm. High lustre, shimmery. Semi transparent, taut. Clothes, scarves, bedding, lingerie.

View all Lucent Satin

Gaia Eco Recycled

Made from 100% recycled PET materials. Eco-friendly. Slightly rough texture, crepe-like sheen. Warm, pale base. 260gsm. Outdoor clothing.

View all Gaia Eco Recycled

Ella Waterproof

Lightweight PU coated fabric. 70gsm. Slightly rubbery reverse. Solid & firm with minor give. Umbrellas, waterproof linings.

View all Ella Waterproof

Duchess Satin

Tightly woven poly. Smooth, glossy sateen face, matt structured backing. Opaque, 200gsm. Ideal for fashion, furnishings.

View all Duchess Satin

Dorchester Linen Look

Soft 'linen look' fabric, coarse weave, large fibres. 231gsm. Off-white base tone, matt. Some transparency. Home furnishings, cushions.

View all Dorchester Linen Look

Cotton Linen

All natural fabric. 95% cotton/5% linen. Cool and smooth on the skin, with some stretch. Slightly stiff finish. 228gsm.

View all Cotton Linen

Silk Twill

100% real silk. Beautiful twill weave. Lightweight, durable, strong colour and print detail. Soft with a lovely drape. 54gsm.

View all Silk Twill

ChiChi Furnishing Velour

A woven fabric, with a soft touch velour short pile. The perfect upholstery material thanks to its textured scrim backing.

View all ChiChi Furnishing Velour

Organic Cotton Canvas

A 100% organic, natural fabric with a rustic, half panama canvas weave.

View all Organic Cotton Canvas

Blackout Fabric

A stiff, woven material which is opaque and waterproof.

View all Blackout Fabric

Sailor's Canvas

Rustic, chunky weave with large yarns. 480 gsm fabric with a very soft handle.

View all Sailor's Canvas

Silk Georgette

Made with a tight weave of spun yarn, silk georgette uses very thing threads for an overall gossamer appearance.

View all Silk Georgette

Stiff Translucent Fabric

A stiff fabric that is perfect for roller blinds. Woven of spun yarns. 220 gsm.

View all Stiff Translucent Fabric

Cottage Cotton Slub

Woven natural cotton fabric with thicker slub yarns in both directions.

View all Cottage Cotton Slub

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What is woven fabric?

Most fabrics are made by either knitting or weaving yarns. When considering what is woven fabric one must understand the basic structure of the weave. Woven fabrics are made up of a weft; which is the yarn, or fibre, going across the width of the fabric, and a warp; which is the yarn going down the length of the loom.

The woven material is made by the inter-weaving sets of these 2 yarns at right angles to one another. The result is a firm, solid fabric construction that maintains the straight nature of the yarn.

Popular types of woven fabric include:
  • Chiffon – sheer, lightweight fabric woven from twisted yarns
  • Chenille – looks different in one direction compared to another
  • Satin – glossy and highly shiny face with a dull back
  • Twill – produces diagonal lines on the face of the fabric
  • Crepe – lightweight with a flowy drape which has a crinkled or granular surface
  • Denim – traditionally a yarn dyed, warp faced cotton twill fabric
  • Georgette – sheer and lightweight, woven in a plain weave
  • Lawn – fine, lightweight and crisp, traditionally made from cotton or linen
  • Mulmul – fine cotton or synthetic fabric, slightly heavier than muslin
  • Poplin – medium weight with a fine weft rib
  • Velvet – dense cut pile which is very soft and luxurious
  • Taffeta – smooth, crisp and transparent 
  • Silk – luxuriously smooth, elegant and strong

How is it manufactured?

Woven fabric is constructed of a weft and a warp. They are made on either a hand weaving loom or on a power weaving loom. 

There are 3 types of woven fabric:
  1. Plain weave fabric – here, the warp and the weft are aligned, so that they create a simple and characteristic criss-cross pattern. This is a strong and durable weave which is used for furnishings, interiors and fashion.
  2. Satin weave fabric – a complex arrangement of warp and weft yarns which allows longer float threads across either the weft or the warp. This long float of threads means that when the light hits it, it is reflected, creating a smooth, shiny surface which is known as satin.
  3. Twill weave fabric – here, the crossings of weft and warp are counterbalanced to create a charming diagonal pattern on the face of the fabric. This is a strong weave which drapes well and is most commonly used for making jeans and jackets as well as interiors such as curtains.

Purposes of woven fabric

Woven fabrics are often used in sewing, for making items such as clothing and furnishings as well as items including woven fabric labels, hospital gowns, surgical tape, banners, tents, umbrellas and lots more.  This is a versatile and highly useful fabric which has a wide range of purposes and end uses.


Woven fabrics are treated differently to knitted fabrics. As the yarns are woven together, the edges can unravel or fray relatively easily. They therefore need to be finished with a zigzag stitch for a simpler finish or a serger for a more professional finish.

Fabrics made from weaving are generally tauter and have a crisper handle than knitted fabrics. This makes them perfect for making pleats.

Some other properties include:
  • Tiny criss-cross pattern
  • Taut
  • Symmetrical
  • Same weave fabrics may vary by yarn size, twist, fibre, count, design or finish
  • Strong
  • Can be classified as domestic or industrial
  • Characterised by the thickness of the yarn
  • Can be easily cut into different shapes
  • Woven materials with more fabric count keeps shape well
  • Low fabric count materials are less durable and prone to snag or stretch

Advantages of woven fabric

Woven fabrics are widely available; you can purchase a huge range of woven fabric online, in a variety of weaves and finishes. Because there are 3 different types of woven fabric, there is a huge variety of uses for this kind of material, including clothing, soft furnishings and industrial.

Clothing made from woven fabrics are made to be sturdy. They cannot be stretched and don’t overly shrink, so woven materials have a great deal of longevity. Many heavy-duty fabrics are made from weaves, thanks to their strength and durability.

Woven fabrics offer a crisp and distinguished look and can add structure to an outfit making it appear more luxurious and high-end.